Limbdisk - Kerihekteki Stealth Mantle by X. Cytilinsk

Limbdisk - Kerihekteki Stealth Mantle

X. Cytilinsk

26 January 2019 at 08:01:50 MST

The Stealth Mantle is a spacecraft of Kerihekteki design often utilized by powerful groups such as the Untagunneki Clan. A Kerihekteki Stealth Mantle is used during diplomatic exchanges with the Wyytukus Clan, lead by the infamous Vyq Tarmus.


ID: Intilispar-Kghaun-Untagunneki (Untagunneki Unit 03 "Hard Karma")
Director: Unknown
Make: Unknown Manufacturer, heavily modified by the Untagunneki Clan
Type: Stealth optimized long range warship, functions as personnel transport
Scale: 2,100 Meter Core Diameter, 4,500 Meter Ring Diameter
Crew (Minimum): 1 Prime operator, 4 sub-operators, 15 engineering staff
Operating system: Direct Consciousness Link
Armament: Class III Decimation Field, Anti-matter torpedoes