Limbdisk - The Aura of Zylinsk by X. Cytilinsk

Limbdisk - The Aura of Zylinsk

X. Cytilinsk

7 January 2019 at 16:51:39 MST

The Aura of Zylinsk is a Lejendairidan spacecraft constructed as one of a type of leader-craft to support the Allied Species' fleet. Over the course of its service is has received additional armor, enhanced defensive and medical systems, and a new class of distributed intelligence network to further advance its capabilities in space.

Early in the events of "Path of Limbdisk" the craft is assigned to Alphon Hyxo to lead his fleet on a deep space mission. The other vessels within this fleet include DSV Tere'stekips, DSV Korrdakid, and TSAV Gante'stekips.


ID: LHV Aura of Zylinsk
Director: Alphon Hyxo
Make: Technology Institute of Tha-Garr
Type: Heavy leader-craft, defense/offense, maximized range
Scale: 1,160 meters in length
Crew (Minimum): 6 Pilots, 40 engineering staff, 30 security staff
Operating system: Nano Distributed Intelligence Field
Armament: Planetary-Grade EMP Emitter System, X4 High-yield Electromagnetic Accelerator Bays, X4 Guided Plasma Elements


I'm not sure how but this particular spacecraft has taken a year plus three months to be completed! The problem was, every time I tried to put it together I wasn't quite happy with the result and there were always important elements missing from the over-all design. So I ended up rebuilding it entirely about three times. But THIS time I think it's reached the point where the vision in my head was captured. This will allow me to solidify the designs for the other Lejendairidan spacecraft (Talon's vessel, the fleet craft, the diplomatic spacecraft) and get moving on with the project!


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    Sweet design! I love the details and mix of organic shapes with purely-artificial

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    Thank you! That's really good to hear because that was exactly what I was trying to accomplish, merging the organic and non-organic.