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Hello! My name is Chisea(like chee-say), but to make it simple call me chi or chichi. :3. I have been arting for most of my life, but only recently got really really into it. I also make clay figures and objects. I'm pretty open about my life, and I'm fairly easy to talk to, so if you want to be friends, just come and chat! :D I am a furry, my species is a cheshire cat with wings x3. I do have sub-fursonas and characters that I hope to show you guys :D.

I do take commissions, and if you are interested just message me what you would like :3:3.


Latest Journal

For Those Awaiting Commissions

Obviously with FA being down, I cant look at notes with references and such with your commission in it. If you manage to read this, go ahead and note me here with your references and what it was you commissioned me for.
I have your name and what type of commission on my trello page, but again, I just dont have the references.

So until FA is fixed, Ill try to use weasyl as much as possible.

on a separate note. If anyone is interested in commissions, I am still open!

Icons: $10
sketches: $12
Inks: $15
Flats: $20
Cell Shade: $25
Full color: $30

all additional characters are 1/2 the base price of the commission.

I can do 24 hour commissions as well, with a price increase.

just note me, or email me at if you are interested!

Thank you and sorry for all the mash up with FA at the moment. I hope to get through the rest of my commissions as soon as I can!


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Badge Prices
from $ 5.00
to $ 25.00

Flat Color

Flat Color Price
$ 15.00

Full Color

Full Color Price
$ 20.00


Line Prices
$ 10.00

Reference Sheets

Reference Prices
$ 30.00


Sketch Price
$ 8.00

Each type of commission Includes1 character, ANY RATING, ANY FETISH! Each additional character is half the base price of commission type. Simple backgrounds are included. Detailed backgrounds are extra$.

Badges- range with what you want.

~headshots: start at $5/ linking $7

~waist-up: start at $10/ linking $15

~Full body: Start at $15/ Linking $20

~add stickers+$3, scrapbook background +$2

If you have any questions feel free to message me :3.



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