Venture with Kaiser by XavierMaldonado1

Venture with Kaiser


26 April 2015 at 04:59:28 MDT

I...honestly couldn't think up of a better title. And by venture, I mean stuckventure, heh....

This piece was....rather uncomfortable for me to start. My mate said it's probably because I'm in my human form, to which I greatly relate to, that I feel the akwardness of how I feel for "stuck stuff" ten fold. I think it's also the fact Kaiser is in there as well, another character I greatly feel for, that's also a part of this.

Long story short, Kaiser wanted to check out my den for my draga self, wanted me to be human for a while since I haven't been in it much of lately, ate a lot of food, wanted to go out for a walk and...well...this happened.

What he neglected to tell me before he got stuck was...he wanted to experience it too...which sorta shocked me. A while back I eventually caved and told him about my thing for stuck and he said it was cute and interesting, and kinda looked forward to having a go as well...I honestly thought he was just joking around, and I've kinda avoided that stuff around him...even to the point where I haven't seen him or my draga partners for weeks.... any case, he's comfortable and happy for the most's taking me a while since I've only done this stuff in my draga forever...but I'll adjust eventually.

But for now sleep yawns, mrfing even as a human, blushing as I nestle up against my partner rather comfortable rear before falling asleep, Kaiser following suit after before he manages to drape his warm tail over me, still thinking about his partner despite his current predicament and not minding about it in the slightest...and he was enjoying himself as well, for the most part, heh

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