Starlight Waltz by XavierMaldonado1

Starlight Waltz


18 April 2015 at 20:36:21 MDT

Song accompanied by this piece : Ribbon - Shiratori Yuri - Popolocrois Vocal Collection

I made this for my mate sometime around last year. He means a lot to me now and I wanted to do something to represent that, the only way I can thinking of was using my art skills. What I came up with before I wasn't completely happy with, even though Iron loved it to death.

I've been meaning to fix up and update that said piece for a long while now, but I never got the time to sit down and do it or something else came up. It took a bit and I had to look up some references, but I really happy what came out as a result. Still a bit messy, but hardly noticeable unless yer really looking for the mess.

The idea came about when I was remembering about an old animated movie called, "Pinocchio and the Emperor of Darkness" and I found this song here.

Needless to say it got me going, and it really got me thinking about that particular feeling as what it was or how would I know what it really feels or that I already had it and just wasn't recognizing it because media and stories says otherwise about it.

Boiling it down, I was hurt a few times in that department. I didn't have a vast number, but I was afraid to open up completely again...still am to this day. Iron though, he stuck around. And while we didn't have a great start, he slowly grew on me. He's been hurt many times before as well, but he always got back up with that smile on his face. It was a bit empowering at times.

I kinda trailed off there, and while I still don't know exactly what love is or what is should feel like, I think I can honestly see it by sticking by my loving and very supportive shark least that's what I think.

Oh right, the picture! Truthfully when I heard "Love is the Light inside your heart" I kinda wanted to make a comic about it featuring myself and my mate. But it quickly grew too complicated and I ditched the idea.

Then I heard this song from one of my favorite game/anime franchises, PopoloCrois

I know the lyrics probably mean something else entirely. But when I was listening,'s sorta hard to tell you what my mind went through, it goes through crazy hoops. But it somehow translated to dancing about in a star filled night sky. Hence "Starlight Waltz".

So yeah, there's me and my mate, using my strange kind of magic to allow us to dance about in the night sky among the stars......there's really nothing else to say about it honestly, heh. I hope you all enjoy the piece as well as the songs!

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