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Animation experiment WIP by xaotherion

Animation experiment WIP


8 March 2020 at 05:29:26 MDT

What you can see above is just a preview. A smooth video version can be downloaded, and hopefully viewed online, here (less than 3 MB):
If there are any problem with it, let me know. I haven't used this particular solution before.

Now, let me tell you something: I'm seriously pissed off with the end of Shockwave Flash format. Sure I know, it's still kind of usable here and there, but generally it's not something worth investing effort into. The problem is - there's no suitable replacement. The whole concept of small-size clips with optional interactivity, easy to embed on gallery sites, goes out of the window. Yet it's something that has become my signature art form, and I'd certainly be doing more in that direction if Flash, or some worthy replacement, stayed around.

This project here is an effect of investigating alternative routes. My initial idea was gif - alas, this format is too limited in what it can do. It's compression is a joke. The video file you can download above is like 2.84 MB. A gif of comparable quality is 10 times bigger. Even running a ffmpg compression doesn't help a whole lot. It's hard to make even a preview file which would fit within FA's 10 MB limit!

One seeming solution would be going to YouTube with animated stuff. But the problem is in the rendering demands. YT needs at least decent quality of the source file. The render times at that quality and resolution are serious. While I may well make some YT-worthy projects at some point, I'd like to be able to make smaller things as well. Like this one here, but more rounded (it's a WIP after all).

Right now, for such smaller projects the way used right here is the way to go. Provide a crude preview gif, and link the actual higher-quality animation file from the cloud. I know that some people are annoyed with additional links and the necessity to go to third party sites - but it doesn't seem like there's a choice. Either this - or waiting forever for YT quality renderings.

If you remember a short walk animation I made with Joanna a while back - that one took 5 days for rendering alone. This project here was done within mere 12 hours, rendering included. Not in one go at that, and with a few of these hours wasted on trying to get acceptable gif parameters.

So, if you haven't done already, please check the linked version. Overall the animation is bit rough around the edges, but it's just a WIP... and frankly, I haven't worked with anims for more than a year.

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