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Joanna animated


2 July 2018 at 10:02:45 MDT

Finally, something to show here! Joanna the bongo antelope, this time live.

NOTE: because of limits on quality, for full resolution you are advised to check it on DeviantArt!

For whatever reasons, I got really passionate for this project back in mid-May. Guess I finally wanted to try my hand at animations, given that I haven't worked on them much. And all my characters are designes as animatable, and my current rendering system can spit out full-quality frame every 5 minutes, not to mention small tests being around 25x faster. So it was all set up.

But in practice, I almost bit off more than I can chew. The animation sequence itself took around a week (not counting initial unsuccessful attempt), final rendering itself was a 5-days matter... between that, most of the time in June was used for struggling against the uncooperative hairflow system. Not an efficient thing to do at all, but once I started, I just couldn't give up!

In the end, it was solved (not without an input from my wife, whose hairstyling sense practically saved the whole project from being scrapped). I'm not very willing to jump into another project of this size immediately – not that it's doable as I'll be traveling, but in the future, I should be far less clueless and much more efficient with these things. I think there may be some turntables done later this summer, at the very least. And if I finally get around to commissions one day, it may be great thing to offer.

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