Not A Night To Remember by XanyoG

Not A Night To Remember


16 November 2013 at 20:18:47 MST

Wow, this took me a while to finish; and I didn't even make a little story like I said I was going to do. I wanted to upload something since it's been a while since I have already. So, I give you this, though I'm not 100% proud of it. The background, of course, I'm joyful about ^^, but Xanyo in this picture really isn't what I wanted him to look like. Still, I wanted to at least shade the picture and add some effects to make it something that's worth uploading.

Art and Character © XanyoG

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    I was gonna say that the background looks really good ^^

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      Thank you, Len! I mean, that background is probably my favorite thing i've done in a while x3 For the reason that I love how it came out, and that it's a NYC subway seat~ I <3 NY

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        heh well you should feel proud of the whole picture ^^

        I've only ever been to NY one time.. so busy o.o;

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          Hah, well thank you again! I guess the picture isn't all too horrible.

          Manhattan is very busy, but I lurrrv it <3 x3

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            you do good work =3

            keep it up ^^