Tarina and the GrandMaster by XanSteel

Finding One's True Self Part 17

Tarina and the GrandMaster

By Xan Steel

Several weeks had passed since the transfer incident, as Daniel had been returned to the unit, and became Rubicant again. Life at the resort returned to normal as it had been before this roller coaster ride. He did manage to make it to the Engineering Conference, which made him happy. There was so much for him to learn and understand, that it amazed him. He dug into it, and only paused when Julyna or Altair visited him when they meditated, meaning they were using the Mark IV's. They visited at different times because of work. Julyna had been sent on several planetary surveys for new colonies, as Altair was back at Alliance HQ, reviewing her work and processing it for the colony ships. The only thing bothering him was the fact he knew they were hiding something from him, because anytime he asked about that day during the transfer, they would always say the same thing word for word, and blanked out their minds so he couldn't read them. He eventually just stopped asking about it. Apparently it was something they figured would hurt him, and that by not saying anything about it was better.

One thing he did learn during the Conference was just how much bigger their periodic table was compared to the one he knew. There was over three hundred new elements he didn't know of or had ever seen. "Looks like a visit to the library is in order." He said to himself. He looked up at the clock and saw it was getting late in the day. "Crap I've got less than an hour to get there, or wait till tomorrow." He said out loud as he began to put on his boxers when there came a knock on his room door. "Dang it, now what." He mumbled. "Coming!" He said as he went to the door and opened it without looking through the peep hole. He threw the door open a bit more abruptly than he wanted and startled the female on the other side, as she stared wide eyed at him. She fidgeted with herself as the inner part of her ears went from a soft pink to a deep red. "I, I'm sorry for b bothering you." She stammered and looked down at the floor. Rubicant suddenly went ridged seeing her. The female that attacked him. He was paralyzed with fear and just stared at her. She picked on it, "I'm sorry for what I did to you." She said sincerely and projected that feeling as strong as she could. He finally shook his paralysis, and moved aside to let her enter. "Forgive my abruptness, I was not expecting company today." "Especially from me?" "To be honest, Yes. You are the last person I expected to see.” He said calmly. He offered her a chair to sit in as he went to the small kitchenette and began to make a pot of Forest Brew.

She spoke again in a sincere manner. "I'm terribly sorry for the pain I caused you. I'm sorry for trying to take advantage of you. I was wrong, and I deserve your hate and punishment." He looked at her suddenly, and thought, 'What a strange set of words to use.' He moved over to the table and sat down across from her. "You're probably right." He started as she looked up at him, he could see the tears forming in her eyes. "But as luck would have it. I'm not the kind of individual." He took her handpaws in his. "I don't hate you and won't punish you, instead I forgive you." At this point she broke down in front of him. Which confused him, thinking she would be happy to hear that. "What's wrong?" He asked. She shook her head to try an dismiss his question. "It's n,nothing." He squeezed her handpaw in a reassuring way. "I can sense something is wrong. Please tell me." He said gently. She could sense that he cared a great deal. Even though they didn't know each other. "I'm to be punished for breaking my primary duty." "What was your primary duty?" "My orders came from the GrandMaster. I was supposed to protect you, outside of my normal job working with Detective Ohm." He leaned back letting go of her handpaw and looked at her. He needed to choose his words carefully for his next question. "So what happened between us, wasn't supposed to happen?" She shook her head no. "I was part of a group called Progenitors Purity. We were a group of fifteen virgin females, chosen by officials in the Alliance to be the first set of females for the Progenitor." She started to cry again as she covered her face. "Now because of me it's being broken up, and all of us are going to be punished." He leaned forward because he wanted to know what this punishment was. With what he was picking up from her, it was life changing, and not in a good way. "What is the punishment?" He asked softly. "The GrandMaster is going to seal my telepathy, permanently. Which will make me an outcast, and throw me into servitude for life." He froze. His jaw hit the floor metaphorically speaking, as this felt like an overly extreme reaction. For him everything was now finally over. Julyna had healed him, Tarina had apologized and he forgave her. So he felt this level of punishment was uncalled for.

Finding out this information upset him to where he felt he needed to do something. Sadly he didn't know if he would ever meet this GrandMaster while being stuck on this planet. He stood up and went over to her and gently pulled her into a hug. This surprised her and brought her weeping to a stop. He was warm, and caring. She could sense a lot of good intentions from him. Aside from the fact he was much taller than she was which she found attractive, not to mention he also smelled good. She tightened her hug on him not wanting to let go. He would likely be the last nice male she would ever meet, as most others were cruel and violent to those in servitude.

He began to sense a lot of things from her that continued to upset him, but the one thing that caught his mind, was the sense of a stronger presence in the area. "Is the GrandMaster here with you now?" She froze and started to gently vibrate in his arms and after a moment nodded. "He's in the lobby waiting for you, isn't he?" He said calmly. She nodded again, "Please don't confront him. I know you mean something to him, but I don't want you to anger him and get punished because of me." She pleaded softly. "Come, I'd like to see him anyway as I have a few unanswered questions." He gently took her by the handpaw and started to walk to the door, but she stopped him. He looked back, "What?" "You might want to get a bit more dressed." She said as her soft pink inner ears turned red again. He looked at himself and only now realized that he was only in a pair of loose fitting boxers. "Oh, yeah that would be a good idea." He went over to his small dresser and pulled out another pair of shorts and a shirt, and without thinking took off his boxers in front of her. Not realizing she was staring at his now naked body as he began to get dressed. Her ears nearly turned crimson as she noticed his shapely rump and well endowed bits and sheath in the front. She hung her head as he finished and came back over to her and took her handpaw again, and began to head to the lobby.

The presence he felt in his room was growing stronger as they got closer to the lobby. "Stay behind me, please." He said to her. He wasn't sure what to expect but he wanted to make sure he wouldn't take her by force, if he could help it. As the door to the lift opened they walked out and headed to the front desk. What Rubicant saw surprised him.

A much older Derlenian slightly hunched over and leaning on a long staff, that had a metal head piece and metal rings, that would jingle when he walked. His outfit reminded him of the old Kung Fu masters you would see on TV as well as a long white beard at the end of his muzzle. Robs wrapped around his body ranging from reds and golds in color. He would appear to take small steps that were fluid in his movements. Rubicant stopped about ten meters from him as the presence was to strong for him to get closer. Tarina stayed behind him like he asked, but he could sense her nervousness being this close. Rubicant put on his best defiance look by crossing his arms over his chest. As the GrandMaster turned to look at them both.

The GrandMaster saw Rubicant for the first time. "Hello Daniel." Rubicant looked around as though he was speaking to someone else. "Oh right, sorry, it's Rubicant isn't it." He said more as a statement. "I'm sure you have a number of questions for me. Which I'd be happy to answer a few of them, but I must tend to Tarina first." "I'm afraid I can't let you just yet." Rubicant said. "Oh? Why is that?" "I'm sorry to stay, I disagree with the punishment you plan on doing to her and the others." The GrandMaster stood there for a moment realizing that Tarina must have told him everything. "I see." He replied. "So what makes you think you can stop it, you are, after all, a visitor to this galaxy." "I think the only reason I'm here in this galaxy is because of you, GrandMaster." Rubicant said softly. "Figured that much out for yourself I see." "Thing is, I don't even know why you want me here. You see, as it stands my physical self is in danger of dying anyway." The GrandMaster cut him off in a more serious tone. "What do you mean." Rubicant was surprised by his change in tone. "My physical brain is growing an abnormality that my species never evolved to have, and it's putting more strain on my cranium. The likely outcome is death if the pressure isn't released correctly." Rubicant saw the look on the GrandMasters face become slightly horrified by this fact for a second before he regained his composure. "Is your Te'dar able to save you?" It was interesting to hear him ask about Maria. "If she had the proper equipment, sadly she doesn't, and may have to use crude tools. Which may do more harm than good.” Daniel finished.

At this point the GrandMasters composure was lost as the horrified look returned. He tired to speak calmly, but it was apparent this information was a huge blow to him. "What is it that you want from me?" This is what Rubicant was waiting for. "Tarina and the others, let them be." "What no punishment?" He said in a slightly raised voice. "Yes. Tarina's apology was sincere enough for me to forgive her. The others were not involved in the incident, so I see no reason to involve them at all." This confused the GrandMaster a great deal. "How can you be sure she won't do that again to someone else?" This time Tarina came out from behind Rubicant and bowed before the GrandMaster. "I swear I'll never force myself on another." She said while projecting as much sincerity as she could. He sighed knowing he had been defeated in this matter, but it no longer concerned him as Rubicant's impending death was more paramount. "Very well, they are free from punishment. Now if you'll excuse me." He said as he turned to walk away. "Are you that upset by this, that you won't stay and answer my questions?" Rubicant asked. The GrandMaster stopped and turned his head back to him. "Rest assured we will meet again, and only then will I answer you're questions." Replying as he looked forward and walked out of the lobby.

Miffed by the fact that he wouldn't stay. It did bring up another thought in his mind. 'Why did he look horrified to hear about his impending death?' Tarina turned to him and hugged him tightly repeating 'Thank you' over and over to him as he gently returned the hug.

Tarina and the GrandMaster


17 December 2016 at 19:02:09 MST

Tarina makes a surprise visit one evening. As Rubicant discovers she is to be punished for her actions in a way he disagrees with only to realize it comes from the GrandMaster himself. I decided to change how they blushed after it was brought to my attention that it would be hard for furred creatures to show they were actually blushing. Any new creatures I bring in I'll have to figure out how they will blush if they happen to have short ears or no visible ears at all. But let me know what you think. How they blush may actually change a few times until I find the right way to express this emotion in the future.

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