Mending the Broken by XanSteel

Finding One's True Self Part 14

Mending the Broken (rewrite)
By Xan Steel

Here we see the newest Alliance Command Fleet starship. The ACF Kestrel. It's long rounded wedge shaped hull had a pair of forward wings that angled down and a tall rear dorsal fin-like wing. This is the ship Julyna had been given command of as Captain. Admiral Altair had been tasked with getting her instated, and running the ship through some drills to work out its kinks. Both Altair and Julyna had been mates for two cycles. As part of tradition they were open about their pasts before getting together. So he knew everything about Rubicant and their time together.

Altair had been woken early one morning by Julyna, because of her tossing and turning violently in her sleep. She was speaking in her sleep calling out to Rubicant and saying he didn't do anything wrong. He leaned in and gently shook her, "Lyna. Lyna wake up!" She sprang up crying out as if something had terrified her. He grabbed her and pulled her into a tight hug. "It's all right you're here with me." He comforted her as she wept. After she took some time to relax she finally spoke. "I need to go to him." "Who?" "Rubicant, something bad has happened to him. He's so lost and confused right now." She turned to the comm panel. "Tygera!" "Yes, Captain?" "Set a course for Travaina IV." "That's roughly two weeks at high warp Captain." Tygera replied. Altair stepped in. "Then you have permission to use the Jump Drive." "Understood sir. Bridge out."

Altair got out of bed and went to the wardrobe to get dressed when Julyna came up behind him and wrapped her arms around him. "Thank you for understanding." She said as he turned to her, "I know he means a lot to you, so why not take him as a second?" He asked her softly. "I wish it were possible." She finished. After twelve hours and thirteen jumps, Tygera announced they had arrived and put the ship in orbit. Julyna told her to remain in orbit until she finished a personal matter on the planet. After which she beamed down to the resort to see if she could find him, as Altair came with her for moral support.

As they reached the counter in the main lobby. The clerk greeted her warmly. "Welcome back Captain." "Is Rubicant Tavar still here?" She asked. "I'm afraid the authorities took him away early this morning. He apparently had an altercation with a female officer." "Do you know where they took him?" "Well, since Detective Ohm had been here most of the night. I would assume they took him down to the Central Agency. Oh and before I forget these are for you." He said as he handed her a small box with some letters in them. She thanked him as she took the box and left with Altair to take a transport to the Central Agency.

She began to read the letters as she shared them with Altair. They started off innocent enough, with mentioning little snippets of his day, and hoping things were going well in the academy for her. He congratulated her on reaching her dream of being a starship captain. It was the final three letters that took an emotional turn. He began to apologize for hurting her and causing her to stay away from him. She started tearing up. Altair pulled her in close, "What is it?" "He's apologizing for something he never did." She began to read the second one of the three. This time she noticed a bunch of small circular stains on the paper, as the letter had even more apologizes, causing her to wept more. "Why does he think he hurt me?" The last letter caused her to break down completely. It was completely covered in those stains. His tears and it only had two blurry words written on it. 'I'm sorry.' Altair was beginning feeling it too, but he stayed strong for her. Though he wondered why had would make apologizes if he never did anything to hurt her.

By the time they had arrived at the Agency, Julyna had managed to calm and clean herself up before they went in. It was majorly busy inside, but they managed to make it to the front desk. The receptionist looked up from her paperwork, "Can I help you?" She asked in a rude tone. Altair spoke, "Yes, we understand a Rubicant Tavar has been taken into custody, we'd like to see him please." The receptionists mood changed. “Yes, of course, let me fetch the Detective for you." As she hurried off to get him.

After about two minutes he arrived to greet them. "Ah Captain, Admiral glad you came, though I was expecting you to be here sooner." "What do you mean?" Julyna asked. "Since the two of you know each other, I came to the conclusion that you two were close, and figured if something happened to him you'd be here." Ohm replied as he walked them back to Rubicant's holding cell. "You're quite perceptive for a Phalynian." Altair commented in a respectful manner. Ohm gave a light laugh, "With as long as I've been on the force, you manage to acquire a few skills along the way.”
As they arrived at the door to the interrogation room, Ohm turned back to Julyna, "Listen he requested to be restrained of his own accord before he stopped talking. The Counselor we have with him has been trying to enter his mind, but for some reason something is blocking him from doing so." He opened the door, and let them in. As they walked in Julyna was startled to see him. She gasped lightly as her handpaws covered her muzzle. Rubicant's head turned to face the window. He didn't say anything only had a pleading look on his face. The counselor left and went to greet them. After a moment he came through the door they had entered in. He looked right at Julyna, "Julyna I presume?" he asked, as she nodded in response. “Good, go in there and talk with him as he sensed your present here, and take these keys, as they unlock his restraints. If you'll excuse me, I need to rest." He finished as Julyna left to go into the room.

The door closed behind her as she entered the room as he sat there rocking gently back and forth. She walked over to him and sat in the chair in front of him. "Rubi?" she softly said. His head jerked up to look at her, but his eyes appeared to look through her. "I'm sorry but I don't know how to let you in." He said, as he turned to look away from her. She could sense he wasn't completely there. "Rubi, it's me. You remember me, Julyna?" She said, to see if he would react to her name. "Julyna? Yes I remember her. She was special, but then I somehow hurt her, and she left." He spoke softly, but his head never returned to look at her. "Rubi, you didn't hurt me. I hurt myself." "I'm sorry I hurt you." He said as he laid his head on the table and began to weep.

As much as seeing him like this hurt. She really was getting nowhere with him. He was to confused to know where he was, and who he was talking with. Instead she got up and walked behind his chair and pulled him back. He didn't resist, as she turned him to the side, and brought their foreheads together, and entered his mind. She was slow and gentle about it, as she sensed an ungodly amount of mental strain he was having. Eventually she managed to get in, and was met with a monochrome scene of a small house in the distance. As she walked towards it, she saw a figure lying on the ground. She went to it, and discover Rubicant in his human form. She touched him lightly, causing him to stir. He turned to look at her, and grabbed her, and pulled her on top of him, and kissed her passionately. She pulled off of him, "You're his Love Aspect correct." "Ah the sexy lady has guessed correctly. I never really got the chance to tell you how gorgeous you are." He said with a wide pleasant smile. "Love listen, what's going on here." He started explaining that Anger attacked the other Aspects after that female tried to rape him. To which she asked what rape was, and he explained that to her. Love figured what he did was self defense, and the other Aspects agreed with him. Anger didn't, and felt he attacked her, causing him to think he was becoming his father. Which caused him to break mentally.

"So basically we need to subdue Anger, and get to you back together to start the healing process." Julyna mentioned, as Love looked at her with a terrified look. "I'm not going back in there. He's beyond reasoning, and don't think of going in there yourself, he'll only break you as well." "I came here to rescue you, I'm not leaving until I've done so." He sighed deeply. He knew she was right in needing to fix this, but Anger was out of control and would likely break her as well. It was at this moment Anger exploded out of the front door roaring with all his strength as he saw Julyna and Love.
Anger didn't look anything like Rubicant. His upper torso and arms were huge and overly muscled making his head appear tiny in comparison, but his face was twisted with rage and hate, and his legs were much shorter. "Damned gorilla found us. I hope you know what you're going to do. I don't know if I can protect you from him." Anger charged at them both as Love ran towards him to try and stop him. Anger in one move backhanded him and sent him flying into the side of the house knocking him out. Anger began running towards her, and she wondered if her strength would be enough.

Their energies met at full force between them stopping Rubicant from meeting her. He roared in rage as he tried to push forward. "Rubi please stop. Don't let this control you!" She pleaded with him. He just roared more in anger as he pushed more. She could sense he was beginning to overpower her as he pushed. "Please Rubi! I don't want to hurt you!" She pleaded again. He didn't listen as his rage continued to consume him allowing him to push harder against her energy until he broke through.

In a split second he grabbed her with his huge hand and slammed her against a nearby tree and was trying to push her out. She screamed in pain as he began to force her out of his mind violently. She struggled to speak as her voice became raspy. "Rubi, you're, hurting me." It was taking everything she had to hold on to his mental world. "WHY MATE!?!?!" He spoke for the first time, it was simple speak, but she understood it. "You had, left, for three cycles. No, letters." Doing her best to reply. She suddenly heard a faint whisper "Use me." It was female. She could feel her connection slowly severing. "I WROTE!!! MANY LETTERS!!!" "I know, I read, them all! But I, couldn't go on, because you, didn't know, if I was, real!" A look of shock crossed his face before his rage erupted again making him roar loudly. "Use me please!" The voice came again as she started feeling Rubi push again to sever the connection. "USE ME DAMNIT!" This time the voice was in her mind as well as an image of the female herself.

The pain was excruciating as he continued to push Julyna out of his mental world. Julyna give into the voice and became the woman. With one last breath she yell at him. "DANNY STOP THIS YOU'RE HURTING ME!" For the first time Anger saw Maria against the tree and the pain he was causing her. He let go of her as she fell to the ground unable to move as all of her energy had been spent. Anger stumbled backwards and fell on the ground. "Maria!" Love had managed to come too and took this opportunity to take control of Anger by absorbing him. He worked on settling the rage and pain he felt as Daniel's other aspects appeared and allowed Love to absorb them allowing him to become complete again.

Daniel went over to Julyna and picked her up and lean her against him. He gently kisses her and stroked her cheek. "Julyna are you still with me?" She stirred softly in his arms. He felt warm to her as she opened her eyes to look at him. "You're still just as handsome in this form." She softly said as a few tears fell gently on her cheeks. As she gently pulled out of his mind. She opened her eyes to Rubi weeping heavily, she undid his restraints and let him pull her into a tight hug as he let go of his pain. She returned the hug and began to gently lick the top of his head to comfort him.

Mending the Broken


25 November 2016 at 19:00:09 MST

Julyna senses Rubicant's pain from afar, and rushes to his side in attempt to help him.

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