Detective Ohm by XanSteel

Finding One's True Self Part 13

Detective Ohm
By Xan Steel

As they reached Rubicant's room. He opened the door for the Detective and let him walk in first making sure no one was here before them. Once he was satisfied the room was clean he had Rubicant walk in close and lock the door.

Rubicant walked over to the small kitchen area and started to make a pot of Forest Brew. "Would you care for some Detective?" He asked. “Ah, yes please." He replied as he sat in a chair at the small dinette table, after taking his coat and hat off. Rubicant sat down and waited for the brewer to finish. "So.." Ohm began, "what experiment were you trying out?" Rubicant paused in his though about the reaction from earlier. "To see if I was a Derlenian." Ohm raised a questioning look at him. "What made you think you weren't?" As he looked around the room and noticed two books and a series of star maps. Rubicant sighed heavily as he went over to the finished brewer and began pouring out two cups. "I'm not sure I should tell you. As I don't expect anyone to believe me." Ohm looked at him a bit differently. "I've been on the force now for forty cycles, there isn't anything you could say that would surprise me." Rubicant laughed inwardly and thought, 'Looks like the movies got that line right.' He brought the two cups over and set one down for the detective. “All right, I'm not from this galaxy." Rubicant blurted out. Causing Ohm to choke on his drink. "Excuse me?" "It's true." As he brought over the star maps he had. "This is a map of the three largest nearby galaxies. Triangulum, Andromeda, and the Milky Way galaxies." Ohm looked at them and spoke. "Now wait a minute. I remember school science class calling this one" he pointed to the Milky Way Galaxy "Fayriden galaxy." "For you yes, but for me, it's where I'm at in stasis, and traveling to a new world." Ohm looked at him and the maps, and then over to the books again. He had to admit, this was a doozy of a story. With all the information he had, it was either well concocted or real. He decided to go for the obvious, "Are you planning to invade our galaxy?" Rubicant snickered. "That would be really hard for four people to do detective." "Four?" "My sister, and two of our friends and myself." "What's a sister?" It was Rubicant's turn to look surprised. "You do have siblings in this galaxy?" Ohm just stared at him. "I'm unfamiliar with those words." "Oh, a sister or a brother in my terms is a pair of offspring born of the same parents." "Ooh! A Te’dar, which goes for both male and female." "Okay, whereas a sister refers to female and a brother refers to male where I come from."

Detective Ohm spent nearly all night listening to Rubicant's story on when he first got there, and having met Julyna and how she became his guide here. Also on how he would never make here in his lifetime, as he didn't have the technology to travel between galaxies. Though what Ohm did hear him mention passively is how he wound up here. "I'll be the first to admit I'm no expert on telepathy, but if something like that could happen. Then it would have to come from the strongest telepaths in the Derlenians. Which would be their grandmaster. The one that teaches them how to use their telepathy properly." Ohm explained. This was something that Julyna didn't go into too much detail, except to say that she was learning something new every few cycles. There came a sudden and urgent sounding knock at the door.

Ohm got up and motioned Rubicant to stay back behind the wall. As he got there he looked through the peep hole in the door. It was an officer from his sector. He opened the door slowly. "Detective I'm afraid you are needed down below. We can't disperse the crowd and it's been growing all night. They want to see him." She said to him. Ohm sighed loudly. "I'll be down soon." And then closed the door. He turned and walked back to Rubicant. "What is it?" He asked. "Apparently news travels fast and the crowd is now bigger than it was and won't leave." Ohm replied. Rubicant sat back down unsure of what to do. He never intended it to go this far and now he's at the center of something he didn't want.

"Wait you said you are not here physically but mentally, right?" Ohm asked as he nodded in response. "Good then bend over for me." "Excuse me!?!" He said as his ears went flat and an embarrassed look crossed his face and muzzle. "Don't get all weird on me. If you're here mentally than you're using a holographic construct. Which means you'll have a button just under your tail that while give us a visual display of the model and its information." Ohm said as he was pointing on himself. "Can't I just push it?" Rubicant said as he began feeling around back there. "No, constructs are not meant to push it. So bend over and raise your tail for me." Ohm was serious and not just trying to trick him he could sense. So with that he dropped the towel and bent over and raised his tail. Ohm looked back there and gently felt under his tail until he heard a click. His body stood straight up and his eyes projected an image on the wall.

Ohm began looking over the information displayed there. "Okay let's see what we are dealing with. Hmm you're a Mark II. Modules installed, sensory, visual, scent, hearing, self imaging, color, but no... Ah here it is no DNA replication system installed. That is good news." He said as he turned back to Rubicant and reached under his tail and hit the button again, just as Rubicant caught himself from falling to the floor. "What does that mean?" "It means you can't get females pregnant, because this older model doesn't have that ability, it can only mimic the texture and scent of your sperm." Rubicant sat down again and relaxed more. "So the good news is I can tell them you're not the progenitor and that they can leave you alone." As he grabbed his coat and hat. "You're not planning on leaving anytime soon are you?" Ohm asked. "In all honesty I have no real control over that. I'm hoping not as I want to go to that engineering conference in a few days." "Good, because I might come and visit you. You're an interesting fellow to talk with, and I'd like to see if we can get this construct to display the real you." Ohm finished and left.

A few hours later both a local and galactic news pads were slide under his door. He picked them up and began to look them over. Well, Detective Ohm had been right about one thing. He was on display on the main pages. Crappy picture though. The local title said "The Progenitor found, as local authorities try to cover it up." The galactic title was different and more reserved, "Travaina IV has the progenitor? Local investigators say otherwise." He put them down as he didn't want to read them. He took a peek out the window and looked down at the main entrance. There were still a bunch of females down below waiting for him to appear. He went to the door and peeked out the little eye hole and saw an officer standing there.

He opened the door to ask the officer a question, when she turned to look at him. She's a Derlenian. She pushed her way into his room, and then closed and locked the door leaning against it. Her breathing was rapid and the inner parts of her ears were blushing brightly. "Please forgive me." She said softly. "No, I'm not who you think I am." She didn't care as she removed the top part of her uniform revealing her bare breasts to him. She walked towards him, "Please I need your seed, your people need you to breed to save us." He grabbed her by the shoulders. "Please stop. I'm not able to breed anyone. I'm not physically here." He pleaded. She didn't listen and throw herself at him and pinned him to the floor as she began to grind on him. "Please stop, I don't want to hurt you!" He pleaded harder to her. She didn't care and continued to work his shorts off as she managed to get her pants down a bit making sure he'd be able to enter her. While she worked he took advantage of his loose hands. "Forgive me!" He flipped her over on her back on top of him wrapped his legs around her lower body and then proceeded to put her into a sleeper hold. She began to struggle. "I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Oh god I'm sorry." He repeated over and over until she struggled no more. He checked her pulse and it was strong, and her breathing was deep and gentle as he let go and rolled her onto the floor. He began to choke on his tears, until he broke down completely. His psyche broken having visions of his father beating on his mother, and feeling like he just became him.

Detective Ohm had just managed to open the door and saw a broken Rubicant on the floor pleading for forgiveness through a torrent of tears at a sleeping female.

Detective Ohm


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Rubicant manages to cause quite a scene when testing out a theory about himself. An in the process breaks his own golden rule about protecting others that can't protect themselves.

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