Why Me? by XanSteel

Finding One's True Self Part 12

Why me?
By Xan Steel

Daniel awoken to him being Rubicant again, as well as being back at the resort. He figured since it was likely that he wouldn't being seeing Julyna anymore, which hurt and made him feel bad. He would start doing more research on this galaxy. He also wondered with being in stasis, if he slept here would he still be here when he woke up.

He got dressed and went to the large outdoor café on his floor. As he sat down and looked at the menu as a waiter came up to him. "Good morning Sir is there anything can get for you?" He asked. "Yes, I'll have a Chaden pastry, a hot cup of Forest Brew, and something that can tell me the news." "You mean a news pad?" "Yes." "Local or galactic?" "Both please." With that the waiter left and came back with his order and a news pad for him to read.

The local pad had a few things that caught his interest. One being a local engineering conference coming in a few days at the hotels conference hall. New books at the library, one of them being on the many species in the galaxy. The last that caught his interest was on Jump Drive technology. "Definitely need to check these books out soon." He thought to himself. He then picked up the galaxy news pad and began looking through it. It seemed that the Alliance was busy with wars breaking out on the far reaches of their territory, which covered some six thousand star systems the article added, but that they were also dealing with Rebel factions. It also noted several promotions that had been given. The one that caught his eye was Julyna's promotion to Captain and given an advanced escort ship to command. He was happy for her having achieved a life goal that she wanted. Which would explain why she hadn't been back here, she must've been working extra hard to achieve that rank so soon. Well, hopefully she'll get a chance to get back here and visit for a short while.

With breakfast finished he decided to head to the library and check out those books and begin studying them. His only reason was that if he was going to be stuck here for a while might as well learn a thing or two. Since he really didn't have anything else to do. He went back and put on different clothes and went down to the library. Once he entered, he went through the process to be able to borrow the books. The librarian commented that he seemed to be the only one interested in these books, because all the other ones they got had already been borrowed. Once he had them in his handpaws he headed back to the hotel.

He spent his day's studying the many different species of this galaxy that had been discovered. The Derlenians, while looking a lot like him, had many notable distinctions. Such as a fatal reaction to saltwater, in many ways it acted like an acid, highly adaptable in many situations, fully telepathic, and more accepting of other species. Also some from of a singular type of spirituality that many believed in called 'The Return of the Progenitor'. Apparently while not considered a god per say, it is believed to be the savior of the race, and every welve thousand cycles (six thousand years), when the Derlenian DNA begins to break down. This individual, noted as always being a male of the species, is set to mate with as many fertile females through out his life. Never being allowed to settle down with a mate or mates. Somehow the offspring produced from him, carry a marker in their DNA that can be reproduced and passed on to others, thus protecting the race from dying off completely. Rubicant made a mental comment on how Maria would love to dig into this mystery.

Another species he came across was the Bulorians, a small energetic species with long ears. The image shown reminded him of Sandra's character Miss Bunbun. Short, cute, big round eyes, and ears that either stand up or flop down, and long digigrade paw pads. This species is quick to react in dangerous situations, capable of very high jumps, and eager to please, and unlike the Derlenians, not telepathic.

Later in the book Rubicant came across another species, that was every similar to Mathews character Hunter. A species called Phalynians. Considered to be the fastest land runners in the galaxy. They were more of a hunter and gather species, with only having a few of them in the Alliance, which most were tactical officers. Easy to get along with and friendly, also not telepathic.

As he finished that book, he started to read the other on Jump Drive Technology. The book went on to explain that it was more advanced than Warp Drive, as it was able to bend the fabric of the Space Time Continuum from point to point, and in some test cases made it appear as though you were in two places at once. Unlike Warp Drive that contracted space in front of the ship and expanded it behind the ship, getting it to move faster than light. In this effect Jumping took more energy and time to engage, before a jump could be initiated. Where as Warping was nearly instant and used less energy to engage. It continued to show the pros and cons of both, and in the end said that most modern ships had both drives, while using the Jump Drive mostly in emergencies.

After a while towards the evening hours he decided to go down to the shore line and test something out. He never really gave his character traits and flaws and wondered if it would follow the Derlenians with the fatal reaction to saltwater. He took a towel with him and as he reached the shore line he stood there smelling the air. There were some littles ones playing near the edge as he approached. The purple color of the water gave the sun a redder look as it started setting for the evening. He stepped closer to touch where the waves receded back to see if it would effect him even a little. Nothing happened at least as he could tell. He took a step closer and let a wave brush up to his hoofs. Still nothing. Was the book mistaken? He decided to walk out farther. No one stopped him as he got knee deep. At this point, unbeknownst to him, a crowd was forming and watching him with hushed murmurings. Parents keeping their young ones away from the shore. At which point they watched him dive in. Everyone gasped in horror and someone else yelled to get emergency services out there quickly.

Under the water was a whole other experience. Where he dove in dropped about thirty meters and was almost crystal clear. A beautiful reef spread out below him. Though what surprised him most was the fact he felt no pain. No burning or stinging pain, nothing. What he did feel was something akin to feeling more free. He looked at himself as he saw his shorts slowly dissolve. Well, at least he had that towel near the shore line. But that also explained what the book called an acid like feeling. He swam to the bottom and stood there looking around. He noted that the water did feel somewhat thicker, but not enough to hinder him. As he looked around he saw a small broken piece of coral and decided to take it as a souvenir. As he picked it up, he heard loud splashing above him. He looked up to see two divers headed to him. They stopped about ten meters away and looked at each other and then him. He waved to them. One of them motioned him to follow up to the surface as it appeared he wasn't in any danger. So he followed.

As the divers surfaced first they called out for a fresh water shower hose to be brought out. The crowd that had formed on the edge of the shore line gasped as they saw him walk out of the water and towards the shore. Many of the unmated females and some quiet males noticed how well endowed he was, but the other thing that got their attention was that his was unharmed.

"You!" The one diver exclaimed while pointing at Rubicant. "Come here so we can rinse the Brine off you." "Can I get a towel, since my shorts were kinda eaten by the water?" "Not until you're thoroughly rinsed off. Otherwise everything that touches you will dissolve." The other diver said. Once a freshwater shower hose was brought out they began rinsing him thoroughly. The way they rinsed him gave the crowd an almost slow motion super model look. One female actually fainted. Another female came out in front and shouted. "He's the progenitor!" That's when the crowds murmuring got louder. The two divers looked at him, as Rubicant's ears laid back and it looked as if he lowered himself to hide. The lead diver stepped up. "Ok that's enough! We don't know anything about this male or where he's from, so no jumping off the deep end with this progenitor stuff! Just go home and leave him be please!" One older female ignored them and ran forward at Rubicant and grabbed him, her voice was pleading with him. "PLEASE BREED ME! LET ME BEAR OFFSPRING ONE LAST TIME!" Several authoritative figures appeared and grabbed her gently and pulled her away, as others started to disperse the crowd.

Rubicant saw a more decorated officer come up to him. "You managed cause quiet a ruckus mister?" "Tavar, Rubicant Tavar." He notice that he was a Phalynian "Detective Ohm. Just so you know ahead of time. You'll likely be front page on both the local and galactic news. Was it worth it?" "I'll be honest, it wasn't my intention. I'm new here and was just testing out something I had read." He said in a depressed tone. Detective Ohm looked at him and his mood. "Are you staying at this hotel?" Ohm asked. "Yes I'm in room." "Not out here." Ohm interrupted. "Or you'll have more problems than you can count. I'll just follow you to your room." Rubicant nodded in understanding.

Why Me?


25 November 2016 at 18:50:39 MST

Daniel awakens to find himself as Rubicant again. Knowing he's in stasis, he figures it's time to do more research since he'll likely be here a while, until he tests something and draws a crowd.

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