Wide Load Backing Up~! <3 by Xaniya

Wide Load Backing Up~! <3


2 June 2017 at 16:50:11 MDT

Beep beep beep ;> <3

Her big wobble otterbottom is labeled for your safety folks~! <3

Better watch out when her booty butt is backing up otherwise you'll be in a whole world of smooshy trouble C///; <3

EEEEEEE I AM FRIGGEN IN LOVE WITH THIS ;//////U//////; <33~ Ensy did such an amazing job and like...LOOK HOW SMOOSHY MY BUM IS!! <333

Art by: ensayne
Wideload: xaniya xaniya


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    Would love to smother that booty.

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      You can do a whooole lot more than smother it, hunnybun c(; <3~!

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        Quite the temptation to take up on that!

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    Still a very tempting rump Xani, >///>

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    Well, my nose is bleeding!