Ref-Sheet: Xanfire Everent Flame-Heart V.1 by Xanfire (critique requested)

Ref-Sheet: Xanfire Everent Flame-Heart V.1 (critique requested)


6 April 2014 at 11:16:34 MDT

Finally I get around to making a refsheet for my sona, this picture was hard work to make and I am glad it is finally done. Oh man am I proud of this though, it is beautiful.

Name: Xanfire Everent Flame-Heart
Age: 725 Yrs.
Gender: Male-Herm
Species: Draga (Half Imperial Flame Dragon, Half Naga)
Height: 8'2" his tail is 20 ft. Long
Tail: His tail is 20 ft. Long, has a spine, ribs, and organs of a snake throughout the length of it, he can use it to feel the vibrations of the world around and it slithers behind him at all times. It is very strong and responds very fast much like a cobra as it is about to strike but with the strength of a constrictor.
. Like all Imperial Flame Dragons he has control over all things fire and fire magic, his particular flame is blue much hotter than red and orange flames but no where near as hot as white.
. Like all nagas he is able to hypnotize others to do his bidding but first he must make eye contact and hold it long enough to impose his will upon the other.
. He is very skilled in tochian martial arts and all manners of sword fighting, he has trained non stop since he was a hatchling, but he specializes in duel katana combat.
. He has an extremely potent paralytic venom that is capable of downing a large feral dragon for several hours though there is only enough venom for a single bite, and it takes a day for the venom to become produced. Eating poisonous and venomous creatures before hand however seam to quicken this to a couple hours.
. Although is is highly disliked all over Meuna Xanfire has practiced and became an expert in the use of blood magic but he has found out a few practical uses for it such as healing and knocking people unconscious from a distance.
. Xanfire also has practiced and trained in other forms of magic as well.

. Xanfire wields a Katana by the name of Tamashi-Kiba that has been enchanted to deal magical fire damage, when Xanfire draws this blade blue flames engulf it though by saying the katana's name he can dispel the enchantment until the name is called once more.
. Xanfire also wields a no-dachi by the name of Kasai-Kiba that is enchanted to absorb and or dispel magic and enchantments on touch, like the blue flames enchantment this one can also be dispelled by calling the no-dachi's name, speaking the name again will allow the enchantment to work once more.
. Xanfire's armor, much like his swords, is made up of a rare meunian metal called Abyssium. Abyssium is unbreakable to all but the same metal, it is also incredibly light. Though it is very difficult to smelt this metal as it holds a gas that if you are too close and refine it improperly will cause you to go insane and likely go on a killing spree. Due to this metals rarity Xanfire was only able to make enough to cover the parts of his body you see here. The purple cloth and leather is made from dragon hide.

Bio: Xanfire is a strong willed, kind hearted draga. He has always put others ahead of him since he was a hatchling. During the great war between dragons and humans several hundred years ago he was but a hatchling. As the humans ambushed the dragon's camp he tried to go out to fight with no training what so ever so the dragons could escape, though he was captured very easily. The dragons though escaped with no casualties but Xanfire was tied up and tortured for information despite the fact he knew nothing. For months he was tortured, starved, allowed only to drink the falling rain water. That star within a cresent moon within a full moon was branded onto him but it quickly became a symbol for him he even founded an order of knights around it, Warriors of the Moons. At one point the humans even broke every bone in Xanfire's wings and immediately tore them off...that was when Xanfire first discovered he could do blood magic...before he knew what had happened every human in the camp was just a body laying on the ground, shredded and destroyed by the unknown power the hatchling held. Over the years of his wandering to find his family he watched everyone when he could, this was how he learned to fight, use magic, cook, survive, and so on. After a few hundred years the draga had reached adulthood and for a time gave up finding his family so he settled in a large crater village, the village was built in the crater left behind by a massive dragon who since moved on to find a bigger home, and decided to build a homestead here. He found the perfect spot but there was just one eyesore, a dead shriveled sad excuse for an oak tree lie in the center of his property, though nature is held in very high regard in that village he was permitted to remove the dead foliage. However he decided that he would just build his tavern around it in hopes that he could nurse the tree back to life. Once the tavern was built "The Dragon Under the Moons" by the grace of Ielros the oak tree was blessed to come back to life, it grew to a massive glorious tree towering over the tavern while also being the center of it, and it quickly became a monument to all who lived in Dragon's Crater. He handed the tavern over to a friend of his so he could return to his search for his family, on the way he apprenticed under two of the greatest black smiths known to Meuna, Soot-Scale the dragon, and Udderag the Dwarf. With their combined knowledge Xanfire quickly surpassed them and was given the materials needed to craft his armor and weapons which has helped him many times over. After a few hundred more years of endless searching he finally was reunited with his family, Jason and Sebastian Flame-Heart. It was then he found out he was actually adopted, and he had to safe his real family from dragon slayers. The Naga General Tiassh and the Flame-Heart Dragon Avarel, they had to give Xanfire's unhatched egg to Sebastian for care taking because Nagas and Dragons were natural enemies and they both knew they would be exiled by one another's race, and did not want that on the poor hatchling's head. It is also important to note that the blue dragon tattoo is of a dragon who's should he had to take into his own to save the creature from being obliterated by a cruel mage. He is able to speak too and even summon the creature at will and the tattoo can even move very slightly.

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