No words by Xale

No words


30 July 2015 at 09:00:09 MDT

Just a little something I commissioned around the same time that I commissioned the plushies that I had made of Demara and myself from SilentWeaverArts. This piece was done by the very kind and ever improving ATerribleFate as a sweet "I love you" gift. He had no idea this was coming--and it reminds me of one of the first pieces he and I had done together years ago, as Xale and Demara.

Anyway: I love you dear. I hope you like this now that it's done, several months (but never too) late.

Art created by ATerribleFate
Listya belongs to Demara, Demara
Keowee belongs to me, Xale

Please do not use my characters or any of my character arts for your roleplay or personal use.
My characters don't magically look exactly like yours.
I spent good money on all of my commissions, and you didn't go through the creative process of creating my character.