Requests only apply to MMD (MikuMikuDance) related things.

Hello! Welcome to my profile!
I enjoy making MMD things and drawing.
On occasions I make custom ponies.

Favorite games:

•Tomodachi Life
•Super Smash Bros.
•Animal Crossing New Leaf
•Mario Kart 7

Favorite TV shows:

•My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
•Adventure Time
•The Amazing World of Gumball
•Powerpuff Girls
•Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends

Favorite Vocaloids:

•Cyber Diva
•Hatsune Miku
•Kagamine Rin
•Megurine Luka
•Aoki Lapis



Latest Journal

Hello! :3

on 12 July 2015 at 12:17:34 MDT

As you can tell, I won't be coming back to dA anytime soon.
Why? It's a long story that I'd rather not get into, and I kindly request that people do not bring it up.
So I will be residing here from now on.
Anyways, I'm actually quite proud of how far I'm coming. I have gotten to the goal of how much money I needed to save up, and I will continue to save up more until I move in with my older sister.
That's right: starting around mid December, I will actually be moving out of my parents' house, and I will be moving in with my older sister. Where exactly, you might ask? That I'm not going to bring up. Only those who I really trust will get to know.
However, finding a new job after moving in with her will be rather difficult, because not only will it take a lot of time to find one, but I will have to help out with paying rent for the apartment and such when I move in with my sister.
Also, I'm thinking about putting together a cosplay of a more recognizable character, but I'm not sure which of the following I should choose. Help? ;v;

•Hatsune Miku
•Hanato Kobato
•Kagamine Rin
•Lapis Lazuli

If you have other ideas, please comment. But here's what I am looking for when it comes to a cosplay:

•Not too much of one thing, like skin powder or whatever people use to paint their skin to a different color.

•Not too rushed.
•It must be something not too complex, but not too simple.

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    Hii do you take any request or art trade pumpkin?

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      Requests only apply to MMD model edits and MMD pictures.
      However, I actually wouldn't mind doing art trades. :3

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        Okay pumpkin, hmm do you have Skype or something so I can keep in touch with you so we can talk about art trade?

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          I do! I'll PM you my Skype. Just don't send it to anyone else.

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    The person you befriended on dA is an impostor and a troll account. (<--- that one)

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      I am well aware of that. I am just watching to see what they do.

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        That person also stole my art and placed it on his/her account

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          Like I said, I'm just watching to see what they do. If they go too far (ex. making a real legit death threat towards anyone), then I'll do something.
          In the meantime, don't let them bother you. Just do your thing with your art, and you'll be fine.