Raccoon's Revenge by Wyvernick

It was well past midnight when they showed up. Two teenage delinquents, no older than fifteen, with spray paint in hand and bikes in tow. The goal they had for the night was plain for all who cared to look to see- they were out to make trouble, to vandalize property, and to get their name known around town as the 'bad boys'.

"What house should we start at, Dean?" Whispered the older boy, a tall, brunette high school sophomore with a face that housed a mustache the style and size of a segway's handlebars.

"I don't know, Kyle, they all look so satisfying!" Dean responded, a mere thirteen year old freshman with a messy tangle of blond hair and a hooded sweatshirt to cover it.

"I say... that one," Kyle says, pointing at a small 'shipping container home', the house of the nerdiest and most made fun of kid in the entire neighborhood, Jacob.

"Naah," Dean replied quietly, "that one's gonna be the best. We should save it for last." Kyle responded with a nod, and then pointed at the house of Carlie, one of the kids so plain in a school that one would ignore them completely as they go through the day. Dean nodded, and said it to be the perfect target.

They made their way to her house, and Dean immediately knocked her garbage can over. As Kyle ran to the wall of the house with his red spray paint, Dean began to dump the contents of the can in their entirety to the curb in front of her house. By the time Kyle was shaking his spray can, Dean had sent the trash can rolling down the sidewalk. By the time Dean had made it to the house and began shaking his own green spray can, Kyle had already painted an image of the meme known as Doge on the house's wall.

"Putting my artistic talents to use, it seems," Kyle said sarcastically.

Kyle stood back and watched as his good friend appropriated an entire wall to writing 'Freddie Mercury was here'.

Dean ran back to his bike with Kyle and, after a little bit of discussion, they decided to rotate counter-clockwise so that the last house they came to was the house belonging to the dork named Jacob. At the next house, they repeated basically the same process, with Kyle substituting Doge with the classic Nyan Cat meme, and Dean writing Kurt Cobain instead of Freddie Mercury. This process was repeated ad nauseum, the two boys rotating to the next house after about five minutes at each house before moving on. In less than an hour, they made their way to the house of the biggest nerd the two boys had met in their lives thus far.

Dean started to chuckle a little bit. "This'll be great," he said, with Kyle quickly stating his agreement.

As the routine they had set up to vandalize the rest of the neighborhood started to be put in to play for the last time. Dean, however, found there to be an issue with his part of the job. No matter how hard he kicked the can, it simply would not knock over.

"Hey, Kyle," Dean quietly asked, "could I get a hand over here?"

Kyle saw the dilemma that had Dean stuck and started cracking up. "You're having trouble kicking over a darned trash can?! Wow, you're a lot wimpier than I would have ever expected, Dean. How could this one have any more trash in it if the lid is stuck on so securely? Are you not even trying?" Kyle was uncontrollably laughing at his friend's inability to topple the trash at this point.

"Seriously, Kyle. I need a bit of help."

"All right, wimp," Kyle remarked, still snickering a little bit. He got a running start and kicked the can, only to see it rock back and forth before staying perfectly upright. Kyle suddenly got angry, and got a better start and managed to knock the can completely to the ground, revealing a pair of raccoons among the trash.

"Oh, would you look at that? A couple of raccoons! The nerd must not clean very well!" Kyle whispered, yet somehow also got across the point of yelling at the same time.

"Heha! I bet he condoned their living there!" Dean responded in a similar tone to Kyle.

"I guarentee he makes them pay a weekly rent of garbage!" They both started laughing at the wisecrack made by Kyle.

"Whatever, it's his problem that they're gone now," said Dean.

"Yeah, it really i-" Kyle's next quip was interrupted by a sharp pain in his leg. When he looked down, he saw one of the raccoons had bitten his leg. He tried desperately to suppress a scream. The other raccoon had created a similar scene with Dean's arm, as he was dumb enough to get on all fours and begin to mock the 'coons. After this, the two other raccoons ran off into the distance.

"Rotten raccons, creating such a mess of my leg- AUGH!" The scream finally freed itself from Kyle's subconsious as he began to inspect his bitten leg. When Dean made a similar examination, he saw something very, very peculiar about where the creature had attacked him.

"Uh, Kyle? The raccoon bite. It's gone. I can see where they were, and they've seemed to heal over the past thirty seconds somehow."

"What?" Kyle watched as a similar thing occured to his leg. The bite started to scab over, then the scab proceeded to fall off to reveal the skin beneath, as if nothing had happened. Only a faint white outline of where the bite once was remains. Kyle stays on the ground with his leg outspread, inspecting the spot that once housed the wound for a few minutes, until he concluded that whatever had happened to the wound was for the better, and that it would not get in the way of messing with the dork's house as they had the rest of their small neighborhood.

The two boys took out their spray paint cans. Kyle, however, suddenly felt a great feeling of nausea overcome him, and took a minute to sit down. After a few moments, a similar feeling ran through Dean and he joined Kyle on the nerdy teen's lawn.

"Is it just me, or do you feel incredibly nauseous for some reason?"

"It's not just you, Dean. I'm feeling incredibly... whoa... what's going on with your arm?!"

"What are you... your leg, Kyle. Something's going on with your leg," Dean replied.

The boys weren't just seeing things, however. Where Kyle had pulled up his pant-leg to, in the same area of the former bite wound was a plentiful amount of fur, which started to spread up and down his leg. A similar occurance had started around where Dean was bitten. When the light brown fur had hit Kyle's foot and Dean's hand, they turned into small, black, furless, five-fingered, clawed paws. In fact, the entire afflicted limb on both adolescents had shrunken considerably. When they realized what was going on to each other, they started to freak out.

Kyle began to quietly shriek as what happened to his one leg began to afflict the other, soon leaving his pants sliding off effortlessly to reveal a completely fur-covered lower body, which soon grew a tail covered with an alternating pattern of brown and black rings.

Dean, once he began to see what was happening to his other arm, attempted desperately to not shriek despite wanting to, a moan to mourn the loss of himself from human society. Watching his other arm become covered with fur and his hand become a paw, and then experiencing the feeling of having a raccoon's tail rip straight through the back of his pants basically gave him a permit to let the moan loose, at least to himself.

Both the boys began to spontaneously shrink as the fur began to spread to the set of limbs on each boy that hadn't been afflicted yet. Extreme panic began to set in for the both of them, frantically murmuring in a high pitch in a desperate effort to keep themselves calm as they felt the fur tickling them as it slowly crawled across their torsoes and modified all of their organs in their body, pardon the brain at this moment, to better fit the creature they are becoming.

The fur was starting to come towards their heads now, just covering their necks without many signifigant changes. First, the two teen's ears became more round as they moved to the top of their heads. The next thing to occur would be the muzzle forming, eyes becoming pure black with maybe just a hint of brown (and not a hint of intelligence), whiskers beginning to sprout out of their muzzles, and the nose becoming black, canine in nature and locating itself at the end of the muzzle.

The last, and most dreaded of the changes, would be those of the mind. The two boys felt their memories beginning to slip, as well as their intelligence and metacognitive capabilities, leaving nothing but basic instincts to survive in the wild, dangerous environment known as the suburban neighborhood. Slowly and agonizingly, the boys lost everything that made them human, and gained everything that made their minds match their appearance. Soon enough, there was nothing but two wild racoons stuck in shirts in Jacob's front lawn. The animals crawled out of the shirts and started rummaging through Jacob's trash, which had already been conveniently overturned and dumped out on the sidewalk.

For the lives the two spent as a pair of racoons, they were able to cause much more 'vandalism' then any human would be able to without consequence. A fate that would have fit Kyle and Dean just fine, if they still had the ability to know who they were as humans, or even that they were ever human.

Raccoon's Revenge


26 November 2015 at 17:28:53 MST

Two high-schoolers, known by the names of Kyle and Dean, are going about their suburban neighborhood and vandalizing property. What they don't understand is what a difference this simple act of teenage rebellion will have on the outcomes of their lives...

I posted this on FA a week ago. It took me about two and a half hours to write at about one in the morning.

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