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Project Kaijumi Competition by Wyntersun

Project Kaijumi Competition


22 January 2014 at 12:20:02 MST

crossposted from elsewhere, since I'll be moving here sooon :o

This is a competition announcement!

I am gonna start working on a 10-15 pic folio of Kaijumi art.

I would be thrilled to bits if other artists were to contribute, but I'm not just gonna ask for freebies, I wanna give people an incentive to take a shot at drawing her.

*All entries will get the folio for free when it's finished
*3 winners will be chosen, who will get a free color pic from me as well.

How to enter

Simple, draw a pic featuring Kaijumi, it can be anything, can include your OCs and pretty much any kink. (Theres a very select few things I won't allow, so note me if you're unsure)

I'm sure someone right now is unfortunately thinking 'so I can just do a 2 minute ms paint scribble and get the folio for free? ' - well, if I don't think you've put any effort into it at all, you'll be excluded from the free folio part. I just hope no one does this kinda thing to try and cheat the system, but you've been warned now, so there shouldn't be any conflict over who's entitled to stuff.

That said, note me with your submission when its ready, I'm aiming for a February 14th release, cus you know, mushy love day.

There's plenty of Kaijumi references in my gallery, if you're unsure about any aspects of her anatomy, drop me a note!

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