"What now, Genius?"… by WynBird

"What now, Genius?"…


18 April 2014 at 21:54:23 MDT

… "Workin' on it, Sweetheart!"

A Skyrim character, Fenrir and Sapphire. I'm very fond of relationship between the two. ;-; Maybe I'll write some one-shots about their escapades. Needless to say, Fenrir managed to get them into all sorts of trouble.

I've been trying very hard to get the hang of drawing the human figure. This image has practically got me dancing. If you'd seen what my people looked like just last month, you'd be dancing too. I have a long way to go, and I know there are flaws with this, but I'm ready to call it finished.

Image © WynBird
Fenrir © "Fenrir" & WynBird
Everything else © Bethesda
I used several screenshots of Sapphire, Fenrir, daggers, and generic thieves as reference material for the clothes, weapons, and faces.

Fanart yey!
Also. That Thieves Guild armor almost killed me. ;-;