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The Necro's Knife by Wyldfire7

The Necro's Knife


22 May 2013 at 19:45:05 MDT

Sorry I had to censor because Weasyl won't let me post nudity...

Im still not sure what to color her vag in all

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    Wait, we cant put nudity on weasyl?

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      I cant, Weasyl told me no since Im not 18

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        Ah, I see your issue there. Well, you still could find a site or host (wink wink, pointing big time at himself) that can host those images for you >///>

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          You'd do that for me?

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            You can also post on tumblr, where you only have to be 13

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            I'd do that for you also :3 I have an empty gallery that's just going to waste, so I'd be willing to host you until you hit 18 if you ever wanted me to, lol!

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              ok. Well heres my tumblr, only post art that has my signature:


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            Sorry for no respond, weasyl is not the site I go all to often and been to contentions as well, but yeah I would do that ^///^

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    I really like how you've drawn her helmet. I've always found bones to be rather tough to get right, but you did a top notch job there. And I really like how you've drawn her feet/claws too :3