Pawday 2019 by Wxdc

Pawday 2019


26 May 2019 at 00:55:22 MDT

Well I am a late for Pawday and this was a skecth i was working on but this one wasn't the best i did and yet I made a second one and this one was kind of scrap, but I just wanted to show you all. 

left to right: Reuben (625) (Belongs to Disney), Meowth and Scorbunny (Belongs to GameFreak), Rocket Raccoon (Belongs to Marvel), Tony Tony Chopper (Belongs to Echiro Oda), Marx (Belongs to Nintendo), Red (Belongs to Rovio), Pancake Bunny (Belongs to Disney), and Buckley (Belongs to Kevin Cecil)
Art by Me.


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