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Fire Branded Leather: Rescue and Recovery by wwwolf (critique requested)

Fire Branded Leather: Rescue and Recovery (critique requested)


20 December 2015 at 14:43:47 MST

Will has enough in his life to be happy. A stable job as assistant fire chief, good friends, and enough money to keep his food bowl full. What more could a dog ask for? Expect perhaps someone warm on those cold Vancouver nights.

It all came from an ad in the newspaper, “Are you willing?” He was.

Fires are breaking out all over the city and Will is run ragged. His days are soot stained as he fights to keep the city from burning to the ground and his nights reek of sweat and blood as he learns the ways of a new passion.

The flames burn higher as Will discovers there is more to this life then being a dutiful mutt who follows the orders of his superiors.

And then she places a collar on him.

Thanks for FyrDawg for commissioning this and being absolutely great to work with!

And thank you to the awesome people who helped me edit this:
-Fallacy / GamingWolgBeta

Please be aware that unlike my previous works this story will contain adult scenes and situations. I will mark those chapters appropriately.

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