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Spring Rain Meditation by WulfeVanDerKross

Spring Rain Meditation


Art by Blokfort.

Here Wulfe takes in the tranquility of a rainy, yet sunny, Spring day. He casts his clothes aside and looks to take some time to embrace Nature, and the One he believes to be the Maker thereof, in as "pure," natural, and open a way as he can think to do. With his cross pendant in hand and the longstanding beauty and expressions of spirituality surrounding him, Wulfe sits calmly and sets his mind and spirit to meditate and ponder Life and the Soul.

Here's a poem I wrote to go with it...

Reaching out to You,
Despite the endless screaming
From all insisting
That You are not there,
And believing in a “why”
For all of Being,
Despite those who cry
That it is naught but foolish
To hold to such Hope,
Is a long journey
That even the most resolved
Cannot tread without
Stopping even once
To seek solace in Your Grace
Before the Path’s end.
Again and again,
I have languished on this Path,
Stopping constantly
With all the burdens
That I have borne and taken
Since Birth and beyond.
I now breathe deeply,
For that time has come again
To reach out to You
From my Soul’s dark depths
And seek a little succor
Before my next step.
Heavy is my heart,
With the sense of loneliness
Encircling me,
As well as the weight
Of my own darkness and wrongs,
Which is always there.
Yet Hope continues
To endure within my Heart;
For despite the pains
And the sufferings
That we do not understand,
Which, time and again,
Those who reject You
Have taken as utter proof
That You are neither
Present nor caring,
There are yet all the wonders
Of Beauty and Love
That bring boundless Joy
And lead me to hold the Faith
That all has a “why,”
Though I may still not
Fully know or understand
Its precise nature.
For all our troubles,
I feel my Heart is ever
Bound within this Faith,
For there is nothing
To ultimately lose if
It ends up untrue,
And one might gain all
If there is even a grain
Of Truth in its roots.
So, once more, I reach
Out to You, striving to Trust
In You and Your Love.
I hold to the Hope
That all my imperfections
May be forgiven,
Once all mortal things
Have fulfilled their lot and time,
And Peace reigns at last.