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Map of Kellmayar by WulfeVanDerKross

Map of Kellmayar


Here is a zoomed-in map of Kellmayar, the southwestern continent of Fidonhaal. Click the image for a much "crisper" view. :)
It is part of the setting for my debut novel "The Saga of Fidonhaal - Daughters of the East," which is now available in eBook and print-on-demand Paperback on Amazon!

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If you are interested in looking into this book, you can read some preview chapters from my profile here on Weasyl, as well as check out other maps and relevant artwork!

Fidonhaal is a world that is home to a race of creatures known as the Fidons, whose name in their tongue translates to "Faithful One(s)" or "One(s) of Faith." From our perspective, we would describe them as appearing to be anthropomorphic wolves or similar canine-like creatures.
This world has a deep history of good and evil, where both the light and darkness of mortals as well as the powers of the divine and unholy have struggled against one another for millennia.

Kellmayar, the Nation of the West, is translated from the Fidon language as "(the) Sunset Branch." It is a land of generally more arid climates, hot and warm, with a region in the far west that is tropical rainforest. Its most renowned geographical feature is the Great Tedjahven Desert, the largest desert in the world.
The continent is home to Fidonhaal's second-tallest mountain, Mount Quaren, which is found in the Strolovaar Mountains. These mountains cradle a great lake named Stromarus's Ewer, named in honor of the Angel of Water. From this lake flows the Stromarus River, which flows across the continent to the northeastern coast. Along this river is the city of Zefiil, the capital of Kellmayar at the time of "Daughters of the East."