Pixel Armory #1 (2015) by Wretneck

Pixel Armory #1 (2015)


27 February 2015 at 18:43:13 MST

Did some more pixel practice, this time with making weaponry. At first I found myself discouraged by my efforts, until I decided to allow transparencies and gradients.

Screw the anti-second amendment hippies, I love weapons and I love designing them! There are genuine pieces of historical art found in weaponry and crafting; if I wasn't an illustrator, I'd be a blacksmith making swords every week. But since I'm not, I'm suppose to illustrate my shattered dreams on paper and tablets to express my emotionally broken sou!l

Anyway, which one(s) do you like best?

Art by Matt "Wretneck" Billingsley ©2015

It be awesome if there was a way to mod these into a game I play, like Minecraft or Terraria (that being if these could work)