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Cheeky Chamomile- gift for Engletoon/Dynamicsketch by Wretneck

Cheeky Chamomile- gift for Engletoon/Dynamicsketch


8 November 2017 at 12:13:56 MST

a gift art piece to my friend Engletoon, otherwise known as Dynamicsketch on DeviantART. His character Chamomile, I was mostly inspired to do this after a conversation we had and I was glad that he loved it in the end.

It's a battle for me to get art done, lot of this year has been an emotional battle field. When I can I like to properly show my gratitude to those who've done so much for me... it just takes a long time to lift myself up.

Really enjoyed giving this character a cheeky side. I highly recommend checking out his stuff, I personally love how loose his designs are!

Chamomile is created and owned by Chris Engle

art by Matt "Wretneck" Billingsley, 2017