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Thrash Metal Gadget (concept) by Wretneck

Thrash Metal Gadget (concept)


24 January 2016 at 06:26:47 MST

Good Morning Weasyl Friends! I didn't sleep at all given my bed is covered in crap from my cleaning project, but also I don't sleep right anymore, so let's have a groggy day. And I finally managed to fill up my Boredoodle Sheet I started last sunday; frankly I am giving those a break or a monthly dedication instead.

Enjoy a Thrash Metal Gadget Hackwrench!

Though I wonder if I were to take this concept and render it into A T Shirt design, would Disney pull a cease and Desist on me? Maybe if I change the art style a little more I think I would be safe, otherwise I dare Disney to make their own!


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