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Avania No.3 Now On ComiXology! by World of Avania

Avania No.3 Now On ComiXology!

World of Avania

27 January 2021 at 15:00:22 MST

Avania Issue No.3 is now available for purchase on ComiXology! Only $1.99 at

The first and second issues are also available, and these digital versions all feature the full-resolution remastered comic pages, and special issue-only artwork! You can get them on ComiXology at and the fourth and fifth issues should be up soon!

If you’ve read the Avania webcomic and would like to enjoy the detailed artwork in a format it was designed for, or would just like to support my work, consider buying a digital copy (and don't forget to leave a rating)!

The drafts for the print copies are under review, so look forward to print copies in the near future! I think both formats offer unique benefits to the reading experience, so I would encourage anyone who enjoys my work to give them both a look!

Read all the upcoming Avania news right here.
And of course, you can read Avania right now on too!

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