Avania No.2 Now On ComiXology! by World of Avania

Avania No.2 Now On ComiXology!

World of Avania

13 January 2021 at 15:06:01 MST

Avania Issue No.2 is now available for purchase on ComiXology! Only $1.99 at https://bit.ly/3ovSo8v

Like the first issue, this digital version features the full-resolution remastered comic pages, and special issue-only artwork! Issues 3-5 have been approved too and will most likely be going up in the following weeks.
You can get the first issue right now for only $.99, and it features not only the full-resolution remastered comic pages with optional Guided View format, but also bonus art not available anywhere else! Get it here: https://bit.ly/2WJjWv2

If you’ve read the Avania webcomic and would like to enjoy the detailed artwork in a format it was designed for, or would just like to support my work, consider buying a digital copy (and don't forget to leave a rating)!
Files for the print copies have been submitted and I should be able to share those soon too. I think both formats offer unique benefits to the reading experience, so I would encourage anyone who enjoys my work to give them both a look!

Read all the upcoming Avania news right here.
And of course, you can read Avania right now on https://worldofavania.com too!

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