Charlotte and Pennrose - Nocturnal Beach Adventures by World of Avania

Charlotte and Pennrose - Nocturnal Beach Adventures

World of Avania

30 April 2019 at 20:05:16 MDT

The girls make an amusing discovery... (also based on a true story lol.)

While staying in Montezuma, I found certain areas of the beach that were basically like Mad Max, but with hermit crabs… Because at dusk, hundreds of them would emerge (apparently) from their colonies in piled driftwood and proceed up the sand in search of fallen fruit and better shells!

Terrestrial hermit crabs have many interesting behaviors as it would happen, including grappling onto other crabs to see if their shell is worth taking, and how much resistance they might put up if a take-over attempt was made… Should a fight occur, other crabs will queue up so that if one crab takes a larger shell, another will be in line to take possession of the newly abandoned shell, and so on down a line of smaller and smaller crabs.

Meanwhile, in equally sandy but much less tropical regions...
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