Avania Comic - Issue No.1 Back Cover by World of Avania

Avania Comic - Issue No.1 Back Cover

World of Avania

24 January 2019 at 21:03:08 MST

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Thank you for reading the first issue of Avania–The comic that satisfies! Issue No.2 will begin next week, but for now please enjoy a word from our sponsor–GOLD STAR CIGARETTES–The Taste of Avania!™

Stay tuned for the start of Issue No.2 this Sunday, and updates every Sunday night at 7:00pm on https://worldofavania.com
And don’t miss the Issue No.1 chapter compilation posts–The first one is out now on the World of Avania blog!

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The first back cover for an Avania comic book and it's... An ad for smoking! Whoops, I guess these comics aren't for kids after all! I've always loved to look at vintage advertising and the opportunity to have a glimpse at the culture of the time by how ads were conveyed. Old cigarette ads are especially amusing because not only are the ads themselves unusual to our modern sensibilities, but the product being marketed has certainly lost a lot of its glamor to say the least! That said, I think they're often darkly hilarious due to the cheerful language and smiling, smoking mascots being used to sell something that almost invariably causes serious health problems not just in those who use it, but those nearby while it is being used! So naturally I wanted to use this wonderful cultural dissonance to help firmly establish the type of setting Avania is, and how it differs from our world.

One other thing that I'm still conflicted about is whether or not he should have filtered cigarettes... From what I've read, filters were available on the market in the late 1930s / early 40s, but from what I can tell they were not issued in military rations (or even seen in photos.) It's a super small thing, but it annoys me none the less and I'm actually still debating switching to only showing unfiltered cigarettes in the future!

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