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Blaziken sketch dump 2 by World of Avania

Blaziken sketch dump 2

World of Avania

19 December 2018 at 20:54:09 MST

Since deciding to dive back into Pokemon by going back and playing Emerald (can you guess why? LOL) I've been sketching some ideas for my poke-headcanon... Which inspired this animation that I just made because why not!

I started my new game with an impish Torchic named Mitraileuse, and played through at a leisurely pace as I stopped to grind for some extra levels. After reading up on the new EV mechanics, I decided to try out dedicated EV training with a new Torchic, since I had no idea what EVs Mitraileuse had by that point. Since I'm playing on an emulator this time, I was able to copy my second Torchic, the naughty Charlie, over to my first game, and Mitraileuse (now a Combusken) got put on training duty! This formed the basis of their imagined relationship. I decided to level up Charlie until she learned her last move--flamethrower too, so she stayed a Torchic as her adopted older sister evolved to her final form... Keeping track of Charlie's EVs though, I found she has basically maxed out Special Attack, which I thought fit well with her illustrated personality, as compared to Mitraileuse's higher physical Attack and Defense.

At this point I have pretty much achieved what I wanted out of the game, but since I can emulate the game on my phone, it does also make for an excellent diversion while away from home!

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