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Avania Comic - Issue No.1 Cover by World of Avania

Avania Comic - Issue No.1 Cover

World of Avania

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IT'S FINALLY HERE! The Avania comic begins with the cover of Issue No.1! Follow the comic at where it updates every Sunday at 1900 hours (7pm EST.)

I'm very excited to be formally releasing the comic as I have been working on it for over four years now in order to build up a solid buffer and plan a large extent of the story. Though I have more recently been drawing the front covers before starting the inside pages of the issue, I thankfully started the first issue's covers after completing the inside pages. As a result, the layout, drawing, and coloring for this cover was done in 2016, and stands up ok (in my opinion) when compared to more recently finished pieces (though I also adjusted the colors and fixed some minor details to finalize it for release!)

Stay tuned for more Avania, and feel free to send me your questions, comments, and feedback on any and all platforms! Don't forget to fave, comment, and watch! And if you're on tumblr you can follow Avania directly so you won't miss a thing!

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