Fight Fiercely Demonus U by World of Avania

Fight Fiercely Demonus U

World of Avania

10 March 2018 at 18:16:56 MST

And now for something decidedly less dignified than royalty... The finished version of this pic based on the first two doodles of University AU Eraclare, that I hastily inked almost 4 years ago. Even at the time I thought it was kinda uninspiring… However, with the wonders of gradients and light bloom, I feel like I can finally share this wonderful illustration of hungover college Eraclare scratching her ass.

Perhaps it’s because her normal setting’s Napoleonic uniforms are so magnificent and proper that I find it really funny to imagine her wearing sweat pants with UNIVERSITY OF DEMONUS printed on them in big collegiate letters... However, Eraclare partying hard at college is almost definitely canon in either setting!

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    Fight fight fight!
    Demon-strate to them
    Our skill!

    No matter how
    They try against our might
    Nonetheless, we'll get
    The kill!

    Come on, fight!
    For D.U.'s glory and fame
    If we place second?
    That's our eternal shame

    How jolly.

    Let's make sure to injure them
    And FIGHT!

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      That's absolutely amazing! Sung like a true Blueblooded fan! You don't happen to have a piano handy, do you?

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        tickles the ivories... badly If I could play this thing, I'd be dangerous.