Arcanine by Wooper



22 January 2020 at 16:49:55 MST

This pokemon was so highly requested that I finally decided to make a print :D I think Arcanine is canonically a canine, but I like interpretting it as more of a mix between wolf and tiger. So, even though this guy has the mostly canine body, I DID sneak in some retractable claws ;)

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    This piece turned out quite lovely! I think the retractable claws are a neat addition.

    They say Arcanine's design is influenced by the "shisa" lion-dog guardians of Japanese folklore. So, yes, it's essentially a mix of tiger/lion and canine.

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      That's what I always assumed too, but as someone else pointed out, the english name has "CANINE" right in it xD Still, I think the original inspiration is way cooler so that's what I'm going to stick with :)

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        Lol, true. I personally think your interpretation is rather neat!

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    What a lovely puppy!