Salvador Escobar the Bard by Wooper

Salvador Escobar the Bard


26 April 2019 at 21:12:29 MDT

Sketch for SammytheFox!

The third of a series of D&D commissions for Sammy, of various highly colorful characters. I'm going to include some of his descriptions in these because they entertain me :3

"Salvador Escobar, the human bard grew up in a large family - he always enjoyed a great story and song! At the age of 23 he now stands alongside his rogue partner; his preferred method of entertainment is a story in song which he plays with his Viol "Quela" or his Flute "Duela."

There's also a non-mustached version of this guy which is the official version, I just like the facial hair a little more. Check that one out here:

I'm uploading all my art in order right now and I did the final three in a batch, so keep your eyes open for those if these interest you :D

Nex the Wild Magic Sorcerer
Alavir Gulter the Forge Cleric
Salvador Escobar the Bard
Mordius Ledwin the Tiefling Warlock (coming soon!)
Caper Shadowvoice the Tabaxi Rogue (coming soon!)
Telvar Cyprius the Gunslinger (coming soon!)

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