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The Wraithe by Wooper

The Wraithe


13 August 2018 at 18:31:19 MDT

At long last, the official ref for The Wraithe. :O Unbeknownst to most people, this is actually my main character, where-as Wooper is my secondary "business face" or external self.  The Wraithe represents my actual inner person, which includes my personal interests, my ideal goals for myself, and (gasp) my Christian faith.  Probably wouldn't have guessed that one by looking at her :P

The Wraithe has evolved a lot over time, starting with looong before I was involved with furries.  When I was ~10 I discovered what is still my favorite game of all time, the original Starcraft.  I fell in love with the Zerg and especially the hydralisk, which I thought was the coolest unit ever made. Ten years later in 2008 I made this fanart, which combined my love of skeletons with a hydralisk - a match made in heaven, duh:  A few years later I made a more realistic version, which you can see here:  And even recently, this icon for a blizzard contest which made it into the finals:

Anyway, I've never felt comfortable having a bone hydralisk as my main character.  Partly because it's fanart, and partly because I feel like it should stay separate from furries - it's more for the Starcraft community and I'd like it to stay that way, if I get to choose such things.  BUT, I decided to use it as inspiration to make my ACTUAL character - a fleshy boney monster creature, which is an interest I can say easily predates my 10 year old self. xD

The rest of the relevant info is on the sheet!  Personality wise she is closer to my ideal self, so better at standing up for herself, willing to fight when necessary, and better at expressing her care for people (though like me she still struggles).  She also is dedicated to following God's will for her life (which is something I wish I was better at) and as a result has experienced deep sacrifice. I'm very pleased to present you with her!  She was a pain in the ass to get all the details right, but that seems fitting to be honest lol.

This personal art was paid for by Khay, and was probably one of the nicest gifts anyone has ever gotten me. Thank you, I'm fairly certain after completing this that without your donation this ref would have never have been finished.

Interested in supporting more work like this?  Please consider checking me out on patreon!

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    Awesome design! I'm a huge fan of the original Starcraft as well.

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      Thank you! :D