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Dig, machine! by Woofle

Dig, machine!


23 December 2012 at 05:32:58 MST

Early on in Elancia Chronicles' third season, one half of the group heads to the mining town of Claratine. Situated at the base of a butte, this town's inhabitants (and all manner of steam machines) have been digging into the ground nearby for rare materials for years.

Located in a quarry dug out from the rock of the butte, the city is covered in machinery. The steam machines 'whish' and 'whoosh' all day and all night, cables hauling out useless rock as well as precious metals, such as gold. The town's steam is all provided by a nearby river which although small, runs year round and provides enough water for most of the town's steam. Any additional water needed is brought in from the subterranean lake beneath town.

Most of the inhabitants of this town are Pratzian, or from other lands outside of Kerlynzia, and as such, most of the architecture reflects this, as does the clothing, and as does the dialect.

Curse-words fly more often than bullets, but perhaps not more often than punches in Claritane, for, miners are a hardy bunch. The mining company has been on this exact site for fifteen years, and has unearthed a very, very large amount of gold. While it isn't entirely clear how the mining company got a hold of this land from the Kerlynzian government, it is very clear that they won't be leaving any time soon. ~ Guide to the northern wastes

Someday this town hopes to grow up to be McGenna Gulch ! Which actually ended up being a much cooler mining town. Oh well. Either way, the main character, Verse, an Imperial Knight is tasked with investigating a mishap in the mine.

This song is very *very* old. I originally wrote the first two sections in late 2002 as a teen. When I redid this song in 2010, I added drum loops and other silliness, which has since been removed in favor of the percussion from the original MIDI. Enjoy!

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    Hipster cowboys ? LOL ! This is very awesome track, even when being that old originally.

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      I wrote songs before it was cool to write songs! [/Hipster] What's interesting about this one, was that I used the actual MIDI I made in '02 for it! Most of the others, I scratch re-recorded, but not this'un. x3 No idea why that is, honestly.