Season 2 ending by Woofle

Season 2 ending


23 December 2012 at 05:10:49 MST

This song goes through a /lot/ of changes and covers a lot of themes ( Chronologically, victory, anger and disbelief, flight from danger amidst crumbling walls, relief and disappointment , pit-of-the-stomach shock unbelieving fear, realization, loss, grief, unwillingness to accept, crushing depression and angst, indecision and pain, reminiscing , unbelieving unbridled joy , uncertainty and the thrill of a new adventure , forgiveness and the open road, uncertainty about the direction of one's life, memories and deep unrelenting love, and lastly, the new road everyone's lives will take ) and as such, I had to make this medley pretty complicated!

Trained listeners will notice "Uncertainty" , "Symphony of Heartless Certainty" and "WhiteOut" all prominently featured in this tune. That was done purposefully as I felt all three had something powerful to contribute to this piece.

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      I was never sure which I liked better -- the season 1 ending, or the season 2 ending... They both have their own strengths though, huh? This one including parts of 'Whiteout' was actually something done during the second run of season 2. x3 Oh my god, I CAN'T STOP SAYING THE HISTORY OF EVERY SONG!?!?!? It's just nice to talk to another musician about this stuff. x3

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        I am not sure which is the better one, they are both aweome ! Sometime later I'll reach the 3rd ending :P
        And I certainly do not mind you talking about the things !

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          The third season was a jerk, and decided to end abruptly, because of some really erm... interesting story developments. ;~; However, the 4th will have an ending! Also, yay!