ECO: S1 - Episode 1 - Welcome to Basker by Woofle

ECO: S1 - Episode 1 - Welcome to Basker


18 September 2014 at 03:36:03 MDT


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In this episode, many of the characters who will play roles in the first season are introduced.

This is the first chapter of my personal project, Elancia Chronicles. Anyone who has been following me for any amount of time knows I've been working on this since 2008. I've pretty much exclusively shared the music until now. This is the first time I've truly felt comfortable sharing any parts of the story online. I will be posting one 'episode' (what I call chapters in this odd little story) per week. I'm trying to keep each one under 20 pages, so that people will actually be able to get through them.

It's a little humorous, a little complex as it goes, and a little dark. It isn't a cut-and-dry adventure story, either. A lot of it deals with the people involved, and it delves deeply into many.
Anyone who enjoyed gaming in the 90s, or has fond memories Japanese RPGs, The Slayers, or adventure stories in general should hopefully get a kick out of this. I've poured my heart and soul into this for years now, and I finally feel it's ready to share.

Elancia is a very complicated world, and I have a small almanac of countries, factions, etc. Most won't become important until we're further into the story, but please feel free to check HERE for any information about the world that you need to refer back to.



Editing, Error Fixing, Suggestions, Formatting: KGblackstone KGblackstone
Icon and Artwork: Fortuna Fortuna , SorcererLance SorcererLance
Story and music: Woofle Woofle

Songs I composed for this episode

A Memory Misplaced
Elancia Chronicles Main Theme
Dried Up
Crafty Smile
Eye of Fate

Notes: Two of the protagonists speak dialects that reflect the countries they grew up in. These dialects may be a bit difficult to understand at first, but I've tried to keep them as simple and as consistent as possible.

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    Finally got around to registering on Weasyl so I can follow you again! I've really missed your music! And I really enjoyed this short bit of story here. You've done a good job of displaying your world-building with it, and while a lot of the characters are shown too briefly here to really get a read on them or get invested in them, you've done well at displaying the face each shows the world.

    On a related note, one can actually hear the quality difference between what you've got on SoundCloud and what you were able to post on FA before. I had never realized that the difference was that severe.

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      Hey! Long time no see!!! :D Glad to see you here, Timuri!
      Thank you so much, also. ;~; It was my intent to kind of show the character's outer faces here, yeah. I didn't want to dig too deeply into them (save for Verse, who gets a little more exposure beyond just the outer layer) yet, but as the story goes on, there will be a better idea of what makes each of them tick. They're a group of exceptionally weird people! In trying to keep each episode under 20 pages, that's made things... interesting. I'm really happy you're checking this out! :D I hope you enjoy the parts comin' soon!

      After I left FA, I kind of buckled down, and really started working as hard as I could. I just wanted to approach everything differently, and do better, and be better. It's been a lot of hard work, and I'm still working on it, but I feel like I've come a long way. Of course, if you're talking about the quality of the files, I totally feel you there, too. I had to drop the quality down sooo low to have the files on FA, and they had to all be MP3s, which really hurt them. :\ I'm really glad to be here now!

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        Listening to some of the new pieces that you've posted here (or linked to a soundcloud file from here), I really like how you've improved. I don't know enough about sound design to really comment on that, but the improvements are noticeable after following for so long before you left FA.

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          Well, I hope all the new stuff I'll be posting keeps up to that level of quality then! x3 I'm always striving to get better.

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    finished rereading first episode and this time I'm taking time out to listen to the accompanying music that goes with them.

    unfortunately i don't remember my first reading of this enough to spot what ever edits you made x.x

    oh well still enjoyed it ^^

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      Honestly, it was only a little section that I rewrote (Zandvoort, the ruined village, and parts of Granport.) It's likely that I'll be removing Rellin and Charlemagne's scenes from this episode, also. :X

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        if i apply a supper complicated mathematical equation to the current situation (basic math) i get that rellin and charlemagne were the creations of your previous cohorts, correct?

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          Amazingly not. x3 Charlemagne's my second oldest character (after Verse) but I just don't really have... any room for her. :\ Her storyline is very basic, and unfortunately takes focus away from where it belongs. :<
          As for Rellin, he was created on the spot for ECO back in 2008/9 , but I think his scene really does not gel well with the rest of episode 1, like Charlemagne's. Probably gonna focus down on just Verse/Xan

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            well math was never my strong suit. though one part of the story so far has my curious, just was was it she wanted to talk to verse (i think it was verse) about back when she let them all out to do basils off the walls idea.
            rellin was a convenient pov for tearing down a real big thing.

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              She actually has a bit of an inkling about Verse's true identity. She knows a toooon more than she lets on about many, many things.

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                that's kind of what i thought but had no reasoning behind it. having a large knowledge pool is only beneficial when you are a general.

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    8 eons later, I have FINALLY finished reading the first episode. I'll admit, it took me a few hours to read, but it's pretty good and the music REALLY helps move it along and paints a picture. it really puts you in the mood. There were only a few errors I found which felt a bit odd.

    One was when Verse and Xan were dropped off in that burned out village. You said Xan had is sword taken, but later on, he was tending to the fire with his sword. Not a bit thing, but eh? Another time you mentioned that Xan had a curse placed on him, but didn't really specify what it was, just that it had something to do with him not bathing, but that he then used it to his advantage? How did you make that work for him? What exactly did the priestess do? I also mentioned this last one in a song comment, but you didn't really explain how they got off the ship to get to the place they were at. I guess they swam, but still it wasn't super clear. I know this is pretty old now, but still. Going to the next episode later.

    I'm surprised the dream sequence when Verse was speaking with her sister didn't have a theme. Ah well. Great work!

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      So many eons! And hey, a few hours is faster than most! :3 Most don't even read it at all. @~@

      Here's the rundown on all of the things forever.

      -Leaving the boat:
      Yeah, I need to re-insert the Verse/Xan leaving the boat scene. It was actually in an old draft as I said on SC, but it was written awfully. My idea to completely yank it out was a pretty bad one. I hope to patch that in in the next update.
      -Forest Factory:
      Gotta fix that too. >_<; Thanks again for pointing that out! :D
      -Xan's curse:
      The wording might be a bit odd, but the gist is basically that the priestess cursed him so he couldn't be submerged in water, hence he'd be unable to bathe. Sadly for her, it didn't turn out to be a terribly effective curse, and really it just made Xan very good at boat-jacking people. That very same priestess actually makes another appearance later. Let's just say she was a little inexperienced and a touch dumb from anger when she came up with the curse. (Which actually isn't technically a curse, but that gets into a lot of the mechanics of how magic works on Elancia, and thaaaat's something we'll get into later. XD)
      Xan's sword:
      That one's a legit mistake on my part. I think I'll just have the townsfolk from Zandvoort let him keep it, since they dumped he and Verse off in the middle of nowhere, anyway. So like with Forest Factory's link, and the boat leaving scene (which I'm in the process of re-writing) it'll be in the next update.
      Dream sequence song:
      Verse and Lyrikos' dream sequences get their own theme later on, fortunately :D I felt it was better to have To Get By playing in the scene where we first see Lyrikos, but the theme 'A memory misplaced' is their togetherness theme, and I thiiiink shows up in the first few episodes.

      Let me know what you think of episode 2, too!! :D This is really excitin' for me. :3

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        Re: The mysterious quote
        It's from Verse's journal -- I'll mark it properly as such in the next update! :3

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    On a side note, this would make a pretty awesome visual novel to. You've already got the OST and some of the art.

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      I'd thought about it for a while! :3 Maybe someday, although I'd need a LOT more art assets -- especially portraits for all of the major characters.
      Still, I'd really like to do it someday. Maybe after it's done! :3 We'll see...