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Prairie Life [Day] by Woofle

Prairie Life [Day]


7 June 2014 at 07:08:13 MDT

I've actually been making a ton of music for this project lately, I've just been afraid to post it too fast. >~>;
The beat drops at 1'03 for those who can't stand music without one.

Mitala Village is first seen in the first season, while the group (of five, at that point) first crosses the border from Celestion to Dascillia .
Depending on the time of day when the party reaches the Dascillia side, either this, or the night version plays.
Mitala isn't a very big town, and mostly thrives on the mines nearby that travel under the river separating the two countries.
Before the war, these mines were caught up in court, due to the fact that it couldn't be determined where exactly they were, in relation to the border, but now that the war has started, it looks like that is no longer a worry.
It isn't a particularly large town, but a pleasant one, nonetheless. War hasn't yet touched it.

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    I do like the bit-crushed quality of the song. It kind of adds a bit of warmth to the tune.

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      I was at first kind of dubious about leaving that all in there (the bass, the drums, and the square waves, like) but it ended up working out surprisingly well! I had -just- gotten two new VSTs, both of which are producing those sounds in this, and the new VST bug wouldn't stop biting me.