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Season 1 Ending: Not all happy endings... by Woofle

Season 1 Ending: Not all happy endings...

Season 1 Ending: Not all happy endings...


7 November 2012 at 22:49:47 MST

For the ending cinema of the first season, I had to really scour my brain for inspiration. After the party defeats the final boss of Season 1 (and really, it looks like at that point, everything is solved) a lot of different thing happens. Without giving away any spoilers, I had to cover such moods as disbelief, happiness, regret, reminiscing, celebration, love, joy, depression, separation, resolve and pain. As such this song goes through a huge number of changes to represent all that plays out on the screen during this. Someone heads home, someone leaves home, someone is abandoned, and two people marry.

This song contains little sections of many of the dungeon themes first heard in Season 1, the Title Screen, and the first season's leitmotif 'Symphony of Blistered Skies' -- which is pretty much a country song.

I had to drop the quality a little (not as much as I would for Fur Affinity, which is pretty ghetto) but I think it came out okay.

This ending leads to a lot of turmoil and strife, and things only get more tumultuous from here. A new land awaits, as do a lot of answers.

Not much else to say, enjoy!

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    That was awesome....

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      Long journey, isn't it? XD Lots of emotional ground to cover, for sure, but that made it a really fun challenge! Like with a few of the others, I touched this one up for Weasyl, too (mostly added more drums, because drums ♥)