Shadowed Moons [80s mix] by Woofle

Shadowed Moons [80s mix]


6 March 2018 at 22:25:52 MST

Been listening to a lot of CityPop recently! I thought it might be fun to try one of my older songs in that style. Enjoy!
Artwork by TheTae

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    Pfft! That image! Haha, who's stuffing her pretty little face?

    BTW, how you been, my dear? I've been kind of out of touch with online things lately with moving and trying to catch up on stuff. xp

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      Oh, hey! :D!!! Long time no see! That's Lyrikos eatin' away. xD I think she might have 'borrowed' the food from someone else, considerin' the look on her face.

      Things have been okay. Getting the book professionally edited in hopes of getting published eventually. That's nearing the halfway point of done. Other than having lots of commissions n' stuff, not much else is new. Hope your move went well!

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        Ugg, I need to stop forgetting to come to this place. Been so busy with everything I'm barely even keeping up with my DA as it is, and it seems like the last few months have just gone by in a rush. Catching up on commissions myself, and just had a bunch of new ones come in, so I might eventually have something to post here again.

        The move wasn't without its hiccups, and it was stressful, but I'm finally settled more again, though I still kind of feel like this new place isn't really home. It doesn't have the cozy, comfortable feeling I remember of my other apartment. I guess that is to be expected, I lived there for almost eight years, and I liked the location and the neighborhood well enough. Where we are now, I feel cut off. There isn't as much out here, though getting into town still only takes about an hour. Just, there seems to be less in the immediate area.
        Are you still on skype at times? I find it tends to be easier to keep up with people there.
        Also, I hope your book publishing is going well.