Sleepy Wolfencoon by WoofieBrisbane

Sleepy Wolfencoon


25 June 2015 at 01:54:42 MDT

So last week I worked a long and exhausting 6 days in a row.
On my last day of work while my feet ached and my legs were shaking I sketched these out on lined paper with a blue ball point pen.

No Acid doesn't wear braces on her legs but that last day I could have used a pair to help me stand up.

Today was my day off so I scanned them and fixed them up via PS.
I do love the way they came out. :D

Enjoy a sleepy AcidBlue snoring and drooling away.

Done by ME
Sketched on lined paper in ball point pen.
Finished up in Photoshop with Intuous5 Pro


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    Awww. Love her feral form. Makes me wanna cuddle with her.