Giftart: For the children! by wolfywolfwolf

Giftart: For the children!


22 January 2014 at 01:10:08 MST

Lineart by fierglief, colors and shading by abrahamsillo.

Here we see Garrett teasing two kids from Hopefield orphanage with his bulging muscles. :3 This is something I wanted to visualize: Garrett being who he truly is. Putting aside his night job as an assassin, this is what he really wants: to be a father, whether biological or otherwise.

I would personally like to thank Fier for this. He did it for my inviting him to hang out at my Let's Play streams offering commentary... and for answering where Biggs and Wedge are from. XD And abrahamsillo was so kind as to color this without my asking or even hinting. He did an outstanding job. I personally believe this is among his best shading.

Please go visit their pages and give them much love. All I did was give the idea. >:3 Thank you. I hope you enjoy this.


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    that's sweet of him :)