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Hello there, I am Wolfy, the 14 year old Furry artist from AZ. I can be found on just about any art website, and lenty of social media sites. I love to make friends and draw. I aspire to soon be a great as my idol, Thanshuhai. I only do point commissions which can be found on my deviantART page, and I sometimes take requests. So why not look around a bit, you can even try an' strike up conversation with me... I love to chat~! ;)




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Hello Weasyl, I'm Wolfy :P

on 19 January 2014 at 15:13:03 MST

Hello, world of Weasyl. I am Wolfy. I am 14, and live in a VERY hot state called Arizona. I am not new to the art submission websites, for I have a deviantART, FurAffinity, and a few other accounts I have probably forgotten about and abandoned. I am a furry artist, that of course being why I joined weasyl. Well, not the only reason.

Looking at all of my friends' journals on FA, they were all complaining about some rumors with an admin or crap that scared them enough to make them wanna move here. I came here because I just wanna get my art out to the world, but I owe it to those journals to my joining of this site. I currently have no followers, but as I post even more of my art, I hope to change that.

I do commissions, but they are point commissions which are only available through dA. I can sometimes take requests for headshots of your fursona if I deem it to be easy enough to draw. Same goes for my commissions. I hope to soon get a paypal account so that I can take real money for my work.

Speaking of work, you will mostly see it on weekends. Since I am 14, I go to school, and am very busy on most weekdays. I sometimes even have to work on weekends, but that is a rare occasion since NHS doesn't have me doing much around this time. But yeah, My work will probably only pop up on weekends.

I dont see why I am writing so much, since I have no followers XD But I hope that at least someone reads this... it would be a bit of a shame to write so much about me only to have no one read.

I suppose I should close this here since I am starting to ramble.. but until next time~! I will try to be active on here.. but no promises.

DeviantART: . FurAffinity:

Stay Fluffy~

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    I love how shiny the eyes are. Would you like some critique?

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      I meant to post this to your Wolfy portrait but I'm new to Weasyl too. Sorry XD