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🎨Yo, Wolfyspite here!🎨
You can also call me Kaylyn, KK, or Kaaza. I'm that slightly insane pansexual furry female nerd who loves making art.
💕Happily taken.💕

✨More details✨
~My Professional/School life~
I graduated from high school in 2013, and even attempted two, almost three years at the Art Institute. However, the desire to become an animator left as I just couldn't see myself with that career. Now, I work part time/odd jobs while I continue to work on my art. My goal is to open commissions for affordable reference sheets and other furry related art to reach an even bigger goal of opening a furry art business with my fiance.

~Being a furry and Personal Interests~
Being a furry has to be one of the best things about my life. I love this community and all of artistic creativity that spawns from it. I have been a furry since 2014 and it all started with my DeviantART account. Who could have guessed that the username and the mascot of my account would become who I am today. It has truly impacted me as an artist and gave me the passion needed to keep improving. This community is a salvation to me and I will always be thankful for that. 😸
In my spare time, I love watching cartoons, anime, and well... pretty much anything that I find interesting. I love playing video games. I will play games such as Pokemon, Fable, Fallout, Animal Crossing, Sims, and Undertale. I enjoy writing (and reading) fan fictions, short stories, and poetry. I'm a huge night owl, seeing as I tend to be more creative and active at night. You can find me on Facebook, Instagram, and the Furry Amino!

"Creativity slightly insane"

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Commissions Now Open

on 6 February 2019 at 00:49:33 MST

Hello from the nerdy side. Just wanted to do a quick journal letting everyone know that I decided to come back. I looked over quite a few websites to see where I fit in, and as it seems, I actually fit in pretty well here! I needed an easy interface for setting up my commissions, and I think I finally found the right combination. No more arguing with FA.Net's. weird setup. (I can't seem to understand it. ^^; ) So, here I am, back again.

I can also be found lurking on the Furry Amino... But commissions don't really work out over there for me... Not with the coin market taking over. -.- In my opinion everyone wants to use coins since it's almost like getting free art. Especially when the virtual currency is practically given to you by ads. Yes. My landlady will totally accept virtual, overall... useless coins for rent... No. No she won't! And don't forget, Walmart just loves not making money. I'm sure they will be okay if I buy my groceries with useless coins with absolutely no money value.... No. No they won't!
(Sorry, had to get that off my chest.)

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Digital Color

Digital with Flat Color
$ 2.50

Digital Linework

Digital Lineart
$ 0.50

Digital Reference Sheets

Reference Sheets
$ 10.00

Digital Sketch

Simple Doodles
$ 0.25

YCH (Your Character Here)

Plush My Fursona YCH
from $ 5.00
to $ 6.00

These are all of my prices and information on how to commission me. ^^

Status: Open (Please allow time for response)

Payment: PayPal Only. Half Payment needed for large orders! Full payment needed for small orders!

Disclaimer: Please understand I have the right to refuse commissions if the commission is overly offensive, harmful to anyone in anyway, or if the character is too complicated. Also understand that I WILL watermark progress photos for scam protection! (Ex: Sends lineart with no watermark. Person colors lineart and claims it as their own with no payment to artist.) And yes, I do sign all completed works for similar reasons.

Will do: Candy gore, human headshots and waist ups in a cartoon style, simple one color backgrounds (free)

Won't do: NSFW, realistic humans, robots or cars, backgrounds, (Still need practice) shading (same with backgrounds)

Requests: Requests are closed. Opens only for practice and warm ups.

Thank you for taking your time to look over my terms of service and for taking the time to consider my devices to you as an artist. 😊

Reference Sheets: (Only 2 slots)
My reference sheets have a base price of $10. They consist of two character sections, (point of view of character) one outfit option, a blood and bone and meat example for your fursona, a paw view, a mouth view for tongue color, and two accessories.

If you would prefer to have three views of your character instead, (Ex: Front, back, and side) that will be $15. However, keep in mind that my digital canvas is limited. If I am to draw three full body views, I will most likely only be able to add the items from the base price. I could add additional items if asked, but I can't promise that it won't look cluttered. (Think about this if you plan on asking for more outfits or accessories.)

Any additional outfit options or accessories are $1 each. (Ex: An added outfit option to the base price would be $11. If you add another accessory, that would be $12, and so on.)

Requirements: At least one Fullbody picture of your fursona with colors and any other picture you feel is needed, the color of the blood and bone and meat of your fursona, tongue color, paw (pad) color, and a general description of their personality along with any other information needed.

Available Slots
Slot 1: Open
Slot 2: Open

Other Art Options Available: (Only 3 Slots)

Digital Lineart-
Headshot/Bust: $0.50
Waist up: $0.75
Fullbody: $1.00

Digital with flat color-
Headshot/Bust: $2.50
Waist up: $3.50
Fullbody: $5.00

Additional characters: Additional characters will be priced the same way the first character was priced. (Ex: Two characters drawn as fullbody will be $5 each, and so on.)

Requirements: A reference sheet or at least some pictures of your fursona and a general description of their personality along with any other information needed. A Pose is needed for any fullbody drawings!

Available Slots
Slot 1: Open
Slot 2: Open
Slot 3: Open

Plush my Fursona YCH ($5)
Want to see your favorite Fursona drawn as a cute teddy bear like stuffed animal? I can take one of your favorite fursona's and do just that for $5. I made the first one for my fiance and he loved his little Grim plush drawing. Only 3 slots available! Additional character prices for this are also only $1! This is thanks to the simple template design I use for the plush cuties.

Requirements: A reference sheet or at least one fullbody picture of your fursona with color, tongue color, button (eye) color and a general description of their personality along with any other information needed.

Available Slots
Slot 1: Open
Slot 2: Open
Slot 3: Open

Simple Doodles are always open and only 25 cents! These doodles are overall quick and mostly derpy sketches with no color that don't take long to finish, so therefore they are very cheap.

Currently, my phone is off and therefore, I don't have data to be online. My phone will hopefully be cut back on soon.


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