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Makiko by Wolfypoof



A Yamato nadeshiko type woman who owns a tea shop and has the secret past of being in a girl gang...

This whole thing was one big experiment. It was originally a traditional drawing but I coloured it in digital. The patterns on the yukata and umbrella are actually origami paper! I've have had this idea for a while but never done it until now lol. I thought that if you could do it with washi type surely you can do it with other things? Well, yes but I kinda ripped the paper to shreds doing it lol. I cleaned it up a bit in FireAlpaca though so it looks a little nicer than it does in real life. Either way, I'm pretty proud and I think it turned out fairly well!

Although she's rabbit-like, she's actually an original species by LivvyAh on Chicken Smoothie called a Babusagi! She has tea and boba pearls inside her!