Hi, everyone! My name is Courtney, I am ALMOST 21, and I am brand new here on Weasyl. I have transferred over from DeviantART because it's a butt and I want a fresh start. But you probably hear that every day, don't you?
Here's a brief description of me:
I have blonde hair, blue green eyes, and I weight in at a whopping one-oh-five.
I have one pet fish named Gillianton. Named after Gadianton, a bad guy character in the Book of Mormon. Which leads me to my next thing- I'm a Mormon! Surprise! (And no, we do not have multiple wives. >U)
My absolute favorite animal in the entire world is a fox, but I can't draw them to save my life. :c
So I go with the next best thing, which I think I'm pretty good at! Wolves and dogs.
I started drawing digitally about two years ago, so I'm still learning.
And in saying that, I really like getting critiqued on my work. The more help I get, the better!

I like sushi, the color blue, and good music. I don't hate. I try really hard not to hate anyone or anything, but there are some things I just flat out don't like! Such as-Having my covers pulled off of me when I'm sleeping. Being forced to do something that I don't like. When people are rude or standoffish for no reason, especially when its the kind of time when you try to smile at them and they snub you.

I'm in love. His name is Spencer and we have been together for several years now, the absolute happiest years of my life by far. I hope to spend many more years with him, because he is my best friend and I just couldn't see life without him by my side.

So, without further ado, go check out my art! Maybe you'll like my canine obsession. c:

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Hello All!

on 13 September 2015 at 12:37:28 MDT

Hi! My name is WolfSide and I'm here from Deviantart. My name there was Essansee, but I've always wanted this name. Deviantart isn't being good to me, so I've migrated over here. I really hope you like my artwork!
Talk to me about your art and I'll follow you!

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    Thank you as well! I love your style~
    And I read your description so I have to ask the obligatory: "Utah, perhaps?"

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      Wait, no, I can read other things too xD Didn't see Idaho up there :)

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        Yup! Idaho! Moved from Alabama last December c:

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          Nice! I hope you're settling in well ^^

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            Oh I love it here! It seems that everyone in Idaho is as kind as can be, as opposed to Alabama's 'you owe me' attitude. x3
            Plus I see mountains every time I go outside.

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              That's really nice. I love that we live right next to them here, always so nice to look at. Utah's got that same attitude though, unfortunately xP

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                Not to mention terrible drivers!

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                  Amen to that! I've never seen so many accidents, despite travelling pretty frequently.