Gym Brats Torture Device #1 Treadmill by WolfRider

Gym Brats Torture Device #1 Treadmill


24 March 2015 at 02:56:33 MDT

Another Concept commission done by the wonderful   siyoh siyoh

Decided to commission a series of concepts for the Gym Brat's torture methods that they use on Supers.

Here we have Strikira being subjected to torture by Jock Queen, one of the members of the Gym Brats.

Method of Choice here is a Treadmill that is made up of an industrial conveyance belt and an engine lift, and controlled via a remote control.

Can our Favorite Yellow and Black clad Wolfess escape this nasty device??

Well Jock Queen make her Sweat?

Art by  siyoh siyoh

Strikira, Jock Queen and the Gym Brats belong to me   wolfrider wolfrider